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Twitter Time Machine: Which Poker Personality Had the Best First Tweet?

Today marks the eighth anniversary of Twitter and its iconic bird flying into our lives. To celebrate this day, Twitter released the First Tweet search tool, which allows users to search their own account or other accounts to find their first tweet.

Here’s @PokerNews' first tweet:

PokerNewsHello, poker players! We are starting to Tweet about poker. Here we will provide some poker news and gossip, so please follow us.

It’s fair to say that we have come a long way from that awkward first step into the realm of 140 characters or less.

We’ve searched through some of our favorite poker personalities to find the best #FirstTweets. Expectedly, most were tournament updates. But others were fun, some were quirky, and others were just plain weird.

Here’s a look at some of our favorite first tweets:

Dan was just being Dan.

Dan BilzerianIf Selma Hayek was my sister and she looked like she did in desperado I would make sex to her.

Daniel was being sarcastic.

Daniel NegreanuWhat a great day, found twitter and miraculously got my Facebook account back! Lucky me. More stuff for me to waste my time on.

Nolan was being rebellious.

Nolan DallaFuck Twitter

Dan Shak was confused.

Daniel Shakhow do you do this

Phil was probably not even Phil.

Phil IveyNow Joey and Barry want me to twitter for pokerroad nation. What the hell is pokerroad nation?

Brian was living life.

Brian RastNo better time to start twittering then when I'm actually doing something...! Second night in Salvador, Brazil... about 2goout on the town!

Phil was being insightful.

Phil LaakPeople don’t plan to fail. They fail to plan. Make a plan. Plans are good.

Wait, what?

Jason Somerville"why does pumpy tudors have a mustache" - vivek rajkumar

Dan was doing the right thing looking out for his safety.

Dan FleyshmanJust signed up in case Twitter takes over the world, I wanna be on there good side!

Jonathan was getting full off sweets.

Jonathan LittleGoing to jelly belly factory with Katy. Woohoo.

Jungleman was trying to make a funny.

Daniel Cateslol im ordering a sandwhich and 40 yo guy comes up to me, shakes my hand, and tells me his name is "goose" #wtf

Jason was practicing his promotions.

Jason Mercierjust signed up for twitter... GOSH pokerstars is awesome

Kara was using logic.

Kara Scotthas always been a twit so twittering seems the logical next step

Marcel was making use of his 140-character limit with his commas and digital laughs.

Marcel LuskeIm in Malta,, great temp. sunny and moist,, looking over the bay,, nothing to complain,,, for the moment ,,,, hahaha

Ty was admitting he was late to the party.

Ty StewartOK @mattglantz, I am hiding no longer. Won't promise song of day, poetic quotes or what I eat on dinner break, but happy to be in 2013.

Norman was writing the first chapter in his book of quotes.

Norman Chad"Doyle (@texdolly) looks like he's just sitting on the front porch, waiting for the milktruck"

Joe was looking into his crystal ball of the future.

Joe StapletonIt seems as if the "Plenty of Fish" pond has dried up.

Sarah was well…. being Sarah. Yes you are Sarah!

Sarah Grantomg. I'm just so pretty.

For more about your favorite poker personalities, check out the PokerNews video page.

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