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Aussie Millions: Gary Benson Wins Event #4

Aussie Millions

The legendary Gary Benson proved why he's considered one of the best and most consistent players in all of Australia. Not only does he have one World Series of Poker bracelet (he won a Seven-card Stud event in 1996), but he also cashed three times at the 2006 WSOP. Benson can now add the coveted winner's crystal trophy to his collection after he won Event #4 $1,150 NL Hold'em with Re-buys at the Aussie Millions at the Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia.

Matt Hilger made his second final table in less than a week, while Benson showed up late for the event. He didn't pull a Phil Hellmuth and purposely arrive late to psyche out his opponents. He honestly thought the tournament started at 4:30 instead of 4 P.M. when it was scheduled to go off. Shortly before the start of the final table, Mick the Hoon gave Benson a call to remind him about the starting time. His opponents would have preferred if he never showed up.

On the fifth hand of the final table, Benson claimed his first victim. Javier Arango pushed all in with a flush draw and missed against Benson's set of fours. Arango finished in 9th place and won $9,280. Matt Hilger busted out on the 32nd hand when his A-Q ran into Sam Yousef's A-K. Hilger won $13,920 for 8th place.

Benson coughed up the chiplead when his A-K could not come from behind to beat Cody Slaubaugh's K-K. Slaubaugh added to his stack after he busted Sam Yousef in 7th. He won $18,560. With a shortstack, Baden Logan pushed all in with A-3s. Jeff Heiberg called with A-9s and his hand held up as Logan headed to the rail in 6th place, collecting $23,200. Heiberg would end up busting out in 5th place.

After flopping trips with K-Q, Luke Brabin lost to a runner-runner flush and busted out in 4th place. Brabin won $55,555. Jim Sachinidis was knocked out in 3rd place, which didn't bother him too much because he was seeking his second final table of the day in the PLO with Re-buys event. Sachinidis won $51,040 for third place.

On the final hand of the tournament, Benson came from behind to crack Slaubaugh's Q-Q. On a board of 9d-8c-7h, Slaubaugh checked and Benson moved all-in. Slaubaugh quickly called and flipped over his Q-Q. The turn was the 9c which gave Gary trip nines. A blank on the river sealed the win for Benson. Cody Slaubaugh won $88,160 for second place, while Benson won $148,480.

Event #4 $1,150 NL with Re-buys

1. Gary Benson $148,480

2. Cod y Slaubaugh $88,160

3. Jim Sachinidis $51,040

4. Jeff Heiberg $37,120

5. Luke Brabin $27,840

6. Baden Logan $23,200

7. Sam Yousef $18,560

8. Matthew Hilger $13,920

9. Javier Arango$9,280

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