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The Nightly Turbo: Poker Pros VS Commerce Casino, Trapped Chilean Miners Playing Poker, and More

The Nightly Turbo: Poker Pros VS Commerce Casino, Trapped Chilean Miners Playing Poker, and... 0001

In tonight's Nightly Turbo, we'll give you the scoop on all the hullabaloo surrounding the Commerce Casino and the poker players who are discussing a casino boycott. We've also got a story on the trapped miners in Chile who are passing time playing poker. Also, news of a PokerStars wedding.

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Players Before Profits

The Commerce Casino is not exactly making friends in the poker community. The casino's opposition to H.R. 2267 has gotten the attention of the Poker Player's Alliance, as well as poker pros and amateurs. The PPA has written an open letter to the Commerce Casino and launched the Players Before Profits campaign in hopes that it will change its stance on the Internet gambling legislation.

“Members of the PPA, and poker players nationwide, are outraged that the Commerce Casino, the largest poker room in the nation, opposes Federal legislation that would protect players’ rights and access to online poker,” Executive Director of the PPA John Pappas said. “They are angry and want to make their voices heard. The PPA’s ‘Players Before Profits’ campaign gives poker players a vehicle to express their disappointment with Commerce Casino.”

Over 4,000 poker players have signed the petition. Are you one of them? Read the PPA's press release on the matter and sign the petition.

Trapped Miners Playing Poker

Since August 5, 33 miners have been trapped in a collapsed gold and copper mine 2,300 feet below the surface in Northern Chile. According to reports, the men won't be freed until November or December. They are, however, receiving food and water through a 3.2-inch-diameter tube, along with anything else they may need.

One of the trapped men is ex-Chilean football star Franklin Lobos. The Daily Mirror had the chance to speak with Lobos' daughter who said, "It will be difficult, I'm sure, but I'm not worried about him. I know he is happy and content down there because he is playing lots of poker and cards. It is good for his mind."

Here's to hoping for a safe and successful rescue and that the poker stakes aren't too high. Read more about it at

Joining Forces

The World Poker Tour Amateur Poker League has announced a partnership with the Tropicana Las Vegas. The WPTAPL hosts free amateur poker events across the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico, and will be offering event in the U.K. soon.

"We are very excited about the partnership between Tropicana Las Vegas and World Poker Tour Amateur Poker League. It is an exceptional combination of best-in-class brands and Tropicana is honored to be considered the home to the thousands of WPTAPL members,” President and COO of Tropicana Las Vegas Tom McCartney said.

This partnership will offer the players in the league a worldwide amateur no-limit hold'em championship event which will be hosted at the Tropicana and will see over $160,000 in cash and prizes.

“The WPTAC will be the largest event of its kind making Tropicana Las Vegas a truly unique destination for poker lovers and WPTAPL members,” WPTAPL Executive Vice President Shane McCullough said.

To find out more, head on over to

Here Comes the....

You can add this to the list of things we've never heard before. A Pittsburgh couple has used the PokerStars VIP Club concierge service to help pay for their wedding. Nick "TheLife" online is one of PokerStars' Supernovas and has been playing poker since he was 19. His now-wife Emily convinced him to start putting more effort into his game when they were dating, but we're sure she never thought she'd have a PokerStars-themed wedding.

"Essentially anywhere we could inject poker or PokerStars into the event, we did. The entire wedding was poker themed, and many of the decorations featured the PokerStars name and logo," Nick said.

There were Pokerstars wine glasses to playing card cuff links and it was all made possible by the PokerStars VIP Club concierge service.

Read more about it on the PokerStars Blog.

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