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PokerNews Podcast 477: Sean Chaffin Talks True Gambling Stories

  • Sarah nerds out about Sean Chaffin's new True Gambling Stories Podcast

Hello! On this week's episode of the PokerNews Podcast, Sean Chaffin joins Sarah to talk about the latest addition to the PokerNews Podcast family. Sean will host True Gambling Stories, a collection of amazing stories from the world of gambling. The first episode comes out during the final week of January. Also Sarah and Brent talk about the current state of high-stakes online cash.

Show Time Stamps

1:40Previewing True Gambling Stories and this week's guest, Sean Chaffin.
6:40What's in the Muck? Amarillo Kim Yuhl gives the latest drama in The Muck. Vanessa Selbst's playing a poker tournament and Dan Shak is confused since Vanessa recently retired.
13:30Jim Roberts tops a field of 4,515 at Borgata. The field size was huge, Sarah and Brent share their thoughts on multi-flight/buyin tournaments.
23:06Daniel Negreanu supports bans, 'Seat Me' System to Fight Scripting — Daniel Negreanu and Joey Ingram got into a big discussion about seating bots in the high stakes cash world. Sarah and Brent dive right into it.
39:35Interview Segment with Sarah and Sean Chaffin.
40:45Who is Sean Chaffin? His roots in journalism and interests in crime stories. He also won an award from the Dallas Press Club.
43:35Why do gambling stories interest Sean so much?
49:30More about Sean's career and schooling.
54:00From running a newspaper to teaching.
59:33Teasing some of the first episodes of True Gambling Stories.
104:24Find more from Sean Chaffin (@Pokertraditions) on twitter and the Podcast (@GamblingPod)
1:08:00CORRECTION: Next week's guest is Antonio "Johnnie" Moreno.
1:08:30Sarah and Heath are going to be on Andrew Neeme's podcast. Tells
1:09:45Totally nuts Kevin Hart hand in the PokerStars cash game.

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