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PokerNews Podcast 498: WSOP Tales & Dr. Tricia Cardner

  • Emotional, heartfelt stories from the World Series of Poker & a great chat with Dr. Tricia Cardner!

Fresh off an incredible week at the World Series of Poker, it's episode 498 of the PokerNews Podcast!

Sarah Herring and Jeff Platt dive into the top stories at the World Series of Poker, and they also recap some of the more emotional moments of the summer. (Thanks to two of Sean Chaffin's incredible features for PokerNews)

Then, poker author and player Dr. Tricia Cardner joins the show. She chats with Sarah about…well, a little bit of everything.

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Show Time Stamps

0:10Intro: Sarah in Colorado, Jeff at the World Series of Poker for this one!
2:00Joe Cada Supports Father Jerry in WSOP After Stroke
6:40LFG Podcast Night, June 26 at Treasure Island Poker Room
7:40Dogs at the World Series of Poker: bring 'em in!!!
10:30Music Legend Steven Albini Wins WSOP Bracelet
14:15John Hennigan Wins Fifth WSOP Bracelet
16:05Did Alex Foxen & Kristen Bicknell take it easy on each other in the Venetian $5k?
27:40Dr. Tricia Cardner joins the show!
28:30How she connected with RecPoker: "(Steve Fredlund) said he was doing something a little different...I was like 'yea that sounds cool, it's something a little bit different.'"
31:00On her poker background: "It's really interesting because I came into poker by happenstance...I quickly recognized that poker has a nice blend of psychology, some math, and statistics."
35:30On her book, Positive Poker: "I wrote 'here's what the greats say you should be doing, here's how you should be doing it' and Jonathan (Little) gave his two cents, too."
38:10Maria Konnikova's poker journey: "I would say she's got a real Ace in the hole with having Erik Seidel tutoring her, that doesn't suck."
38:45On her newer book, Peak Poker Performance: "You really need to optimize brain function and I just think that's something that hasn't really been brought out in the poker world enough."
40:05Her podcast with Gareth James, "Poker on the Mind": "What we do is we answer a strategy question and a mindset question, and it's questions people actually send to us."
41:10Diving into the criminology world during her academics career
49:50Falling in love with poker: "When people are on the outside looking in, they have such a stereotype about poker and poker players...the people I associate with, they bust their's totally different than what people imagine."
51:40Check out Tricia's podcast, "Poker on the Mind" & find her books at her website
53:50Doug Polk Launches Mainstream News Channel
1:01:30All Heart: Leon Shattuck on Poker & Seeing Wife Through Alzheimer's
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