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CardRunners Training: Miikka “Chuck Bass” Anttonen Discusses Strategy for Bounty MTTs

Today CardRunners instructor “Chuck Bass” — a.k.a. high-stakes multi-table tournament pro Miikka Anttonen — shares a preview of a classroom-style video focusing on useful strategies for playing multi-table tournaments with bounties.

As Anttonen points out, since bounty tournaments reward you for earning knockouts, it becomes all the more important to cover your opponents if possible, as otherwise a percentage of the prize pool is going to be unavailable to you.

“Go after small pots a bit more usual early,” he recommends, “to get slightly ahead of people in chips.” Even just winning a few small pots during the first level to take a lead over your tablemates can be greatly beneficial, especially in the “Super KO” tournaments where a full 50% of the prize pool goes to bounties. The bounty-incentive should therefore affect your decision-making in individual hands, Anttonen explains.

The discussion moves on to consider “Progressive KO” tournaments as well, with Anttonen offering further suggestions pertaining to that format and how having a big bounty on yourself can affect the dynamic in ways that are in fact unfavorable to you. Take a look:

To see the rest of this video series or for more training videos, head over to and take advantage of a seven-day free trial.

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