Strategy with Kristy: Chris George Discusses Mixed Games

Chris George

Chris George is not your typical Internet poker player. Rather than specialize in no-limit Texas hold'em, the most popular game among his peers, the 22-year-old is much more adept at playing mixed games. George is the latest guest on the Strategy with Kristy podcast, and he discusses seven-card stud and razz strategy.

Here is a snippet from the interview during which he discusses playing middle pairs in seven-card stud.

Even in the highest staked games like the $600/$1,200 game I was playing, people were opening a pair of threes with a six kicker in early position with a ton of high cards behind them. They were just opening these hands because they liked the action and the nature of the game. That's obviously a big mistake in [seven-card] stud high because you're going to get owned way too much.

Can you talk about a few situations that would be good to play a middle pair?

Late position is always going to be advantageous in stud high because it's going to be cheaper and you're closing the action. It depends if you're middle pair is your door card or if it's hidden. If it's hidden, it can be played a lot more loose in any position because of the value of hitting your trips. But, as a general rule of thumb, you should really be playing any middle or low pairs without a really high kicker like an ace or a king. Or, if you're in later position and there are only a few cards before the bring-in, if you have something like sevens and a jack with no higher cards than a jack behind you, then that's a good situation to be playing a middle pair.

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