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Tag: WSOP Circuit

Hand Review: Four-Bet Bluff Small or Just Shove?

Consider how you would play this hand from a WSOP-Circuit side event.

Hand Review: Out of Position Against a Maniac

Mo Nuwwarah analyzes a tricky hand played in a recent WSOP Circuit event.

Avoiding Conflict: Weighing Monetary EV vs. Happiness EV

Carlos Welch describes an interesting spot in a single-table satellite where he made a choice based more on "happiness EV" than profit alone.

Hand Review: Getting Creative Early in a Tournament

Mo Nuwwarah breaks down an early hand he played in a WSOP Circuit Main Event where he chose to take a creative line and it paid off.

Hand Review: Fold the River or Bluff Facing Three Barrels?

Mo Nuwwarah reviews a hand he played in the recent WSOP Circuit Horseshoe Hammond Main Event that left him second-guessing his play. What do you think?

Thinking of a Seniors Event? Tips to Make it Fun and Profitable

Seniors events provide opportunities for fun (& potentially profitable) experiences for those who qualify. They also present specific strategic challenges.

In Too Deep: A Big Pot With One Mediocre Pair Early in a Tournament

Conventional wisdom says avoid playing big pots early in tourneys, especially with less-than-strong holdings -- a spot in which Mo Nuwwarah found himself.

Caught Off Guard: Three-Betting Without a Plan

Mo Nuwwarah looks at a preflop situation from a WSOP Circuit Main Event where after reraising an opponent he was unsure what to do when the player shoved.

When the Math is Close: Call or Fold Versus a Tough Pro?

Mo Nuwwarah reviews a decision whether or not to call or fold versus Ryan Tepen's reraise-shove of a short stack late in a WSOP Circuit event.

Big Blind Bluffing: Making an Ordinary Hand Special

You've heard of a "big blind special." But you don't always have to flop huge from the big blind to make a special hand of it, as Carlos Welch explains.

Satellite Strategy: Reconsidering a Poorly-Timed Shove

When short-stacked in a satellite, don't be as eager to shove all in as you would in a multi-table tournament, especially with medium-strength hands.

Big Pots Late: Don’t Be Afraid to Make a Big Fold

Mo Nuwwarah analyzes a hand from the WSOP-C Horseshoe Hammond Main Event where an opponent's river push forced him to a tough decision for his tourney life.

The Difficulty of Trying to Get Weaker Players to Fold Overpairs

Even if you correctly read your opponent as holding an overpair to the board, that doesn't always make it correct to try to push the player off the hand.

Potential Profit: Getting Creative With Non-Standard Preflop Opening Raises

Exploiting your image and position with unexpected preflop opening raises can potentially earn a big profit as demonstrated in this WSOP Circuit hand.

Speaking Up: The Importance of Verbal Declarations

A situation from last year at the WSOP-C Main Event final table highlighted the importance of being clear with your verbal declarations at the poker table.

Strategy with Kristy: Max Steinberg Talks About Getting Three-Outed For a Bracelet

Max Steinberg returns to the Strategy with Kristy podcast to discuss hands from his incredibly successful summer. This is Part 1.

Strategy Vault: Turn Semi-Bluff Raise in Limit Hold'em with Jonathan Tamayo

Jonathan Tamayo discusses the benefits of the turn semi-bluff raise and when to use the tactic in limit hold'em.

Daniel Kelly Analyzes Hand Versus Brett Richey

Dan Kelly analyzes a hand versus Brett Richey from the WSOP Circuit Regional Championship in Atlantic City.

Hand Analysis from the WSOP-C Hammond Regional Championship with David Paredes

David Paredes discusses tournament strategy by recounting a hand he played at the World Series of Poker Circuit Hammond against Jason Mercier.

A Hand from the WSOP with Amit Makhija

Amit Makhija played Event #16, a $5,000 no-limit hold’em event that started yesterday and by dinner break, had one of the biggest chip stacks in the field due in large part to a hero call. He took a break from the tournament to discuss the hand...