Main Event
Main Event
Day 1a Completed

Andrei Shkerin Leads After PokerStars Championship Sochi Main Event Day 1a

AnTh0nyWTF • Level 8: 400-800, 100 ante
Andrei Shkerin
Andrei Shkerin

The flagship event of the 2017 PokerStars Championship Sochi kicked off today, much to the delight of 132 runners, filled with online qualifiers, poker pros, and poker enthusiasts. Day 1a of the RUB 150,000,000 guaranteed Main Event got underway at noon local time inside the beautiful Sochi Casino and Resort.

After eight 75-minute levels of play on Day 1a, just 74 players remain in the hunt. Russian player Andrei Shkerin claimed the top spot on the leaderboard after mustering a stack of 144,400. Second position belongs to Mikhail Rudoy with 141,100 while Daniyar Aubakirov (133,500), Nadar Kakhmazov (120,000), and Artsiom Zhadinsky (115,600) round out the top five spots.

Team PokerStars was well represented on Day 1a with Chris Moneymaker, Luca Pagano, and Felipe Ramos making appearances. Moneymaker was seated early in the day and the empty seat to his left was taken midway through by none other than Ramos. Ramos made a deep run in the PokerStars National High Roller but busted in 13th place for a score of RUB 243,000.

Moneymaker and Ramos certainly enjoyed their time beside each other, clashing in multiple pots and tossing out the occasional needle. Ramos even won a sizable pot that Moneymaker was involved in during Ramos’ first hand of the day. Moneymaker finished the day with 115,300, receiving a large boost towards the end of play, including Ramos’s stack on the last hand of the night.

Pagano, on the other hand, didn’t have a great day on the felt. Early on the Italian pro lost a large portion of his stack when he flopped a set of eights but was crushed by an opponent’s flopped set of kings. Pagano was able to find some spots to increase his chip count but wasn’t able to fully recover. The pothole that blew the tire off came when Pagano picked up pocket aces and even flopped a set but when his stack got into the pot, the aforementioned Shkerin had flopped a flush and it held to end Pagano’s Main Event run.

Maxim Lykov was among the notable players making a splash on Day 1a. Lykov bagged 78,700 and will be joined on Day 2 by early Day 1a chip leader Vladimir Medvedev (78,200), Dmitry Chop (76,000), Alexander Kostritsyn (49,100), and Igor Yaroshevskyy (23,800)

As is the case in most events, Day 1 is as far as many players make it. A few familiar faces to hit the rail include Kiryl Radzivonau, Igor Dubinskyy, Orpen Kisacikoglu, and the first casualty of the day, Mohammadjavad Haddadnia.

Day 1b will begin at noon local time on Friday with another eight 75-minute levels on the schedule.

PokerNews will be live on the floor throughout the festival. Stay tuned for live updates and feature stories throughout the 2017 PokerStars Championship Sochi.

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End-of-Day Chip Counts (full)

zedmaster84 • Level 8: 400-800, 100 ante
Andrei Shkerin RU
Andrei Shkerin
RU 144,400 4,400
Mikhail Rudoy ru
Mikhail Rudoy
ru 141,100 -8,900
Daniyar Aubakirov kz
Daniyar Aubakirov
kz 133,500 7,500
Nadar Kakhmazov ru
Nadar Kakhmazov
ru 120,000 120,000
Artsiom Zhadinsky BY
Artsiom Zhadinsky
BY 115,600 29,600
Chris Moneymaker us
Chris Moneymaker
us 115,200 37,200
Mikhail Soltanov ru
Mikhail Soltanov
ru 104,000 104,000
Timur Bubnov RU
Timur Bubnov
RU 102,500 102,500
Anton Shamrayevsky RU
Anton Shamrayevsky
RU 95,100 35,100
Michal Majewski PL
Michal Majewski
PL 93,300 12,300
Vitaliy Li ru
Vitaliy Li
ru 89,600 19,600
Ulrich Jungen CH
Ulrich Jungen
CH 89,300 -10,700
Maksim Pisarenko ru
Maksim Pisarenko
ru 87,500 10,500
Yehor Filipenko UA
Yehor Filipenko
UA 87,000 -38,000
Pavel Kovalenko ru
Pavel Kovalenko
ru 85,000 15,000
Sergey Isupov RU
Sergey Isupov
RU 84,700 84,700
Maxim Lykov ru
Maxim Lykov
ru 78,700 15,700
Vladimir Medvedev RU
Vladimir Medvedev
RU 78,200 -1,800
Dmitry Chop ua
Dmitry Chop
ua 76,000 -10,000
Ruslan Yakimov UA
Ruslan Yakimov
UA 73,000 73,000
Vladimar Shashkov RU
Vladimar Shashkov
RU 72,000 -23,000
Artem Vezhenkov ru
Artem Vezhenkov
ru 70,100 -7,900
[Removed:19] RU
RU 69,200 -16,800
Dmitry Yurasov ru
Dmitry Yurasov
ru 67,800 -7,200
Natan Chauskin by
Natan Chauskin
by 66,200 -5,800

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Moneymaker Busts Ramos Final Hand Of the Night

Yardley • Level 8: 400-800, 100 ante

Team PokerStars Pros Chris Moneymaker and Felipe Ramos had sat next to each other for nearly the whole day. Ramos had the bigger stack and position making it a tough day for Moneymaker but he had the final word.

With the rest of the tables bagging up their chips Ramos and his friend would clash one more time. The last level had not been kind to the Brazilian Pro and he got the last of his chips in the middle holding Ace-Jack on an Jack high flop.

Moneymaker had flopped a set of nines however to propel his stack north of 100,000 for the first time in the tournament as the turn and river bricked out.

Moneymaker will be back for Day 2 with a very playable stack while Ramos will have to look towards the High Roller events where he has already had success this week. He grinned and shook hands with Moneymaker as he bagged up the remainder of his stack.

Chris Moneymaker us
Chris Moneymaker
us 115,300 37,300
Felipe Ramos br
Felipe Ramos
br Busted

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Ramos Takes A Hit

Yardley • Level 8: 400-800, 100 ante

The board at the river was {5-Hearts}{8-Clubs}{8-Spades}{3-Clubs}{4-Hearts} and Team PokerStars Pro Felipe Ramos check it from the big blind to Maxim Lykov who bet 12,000.

Ramos didn’t look happy and stared off into space lost in thought for a few moments before calling.

Lykov showed {q-Spades}{8-Hearts} for trips and Ramos was left shaking his head as he was left below his starting stack for seemingly the first time today as the final level draws to a close.

Maxim Lykov ru
Maxim Lykov
ru 63,000 51,400
Felipe Ramos br
Felipe Ramos
br 24,000 -39,000

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Daniyar Aubakirov Wins Some Late Chips

will_shill • Level 8: 400-800, 100 ante

On a {a-Spades}{2-Spades}{3-Diamonds} board Sergey Trenin bet 2,800 and WPT Amsterdam winner Daniyar Aubakirov called. The turn was the {4-Spades} and Trenin bet again this time for 3,200. Aubakirov called again.

The river was the {7-Clubs} and Trenin bet the suitable amount of 7,700. Aubakirov called and Trenin shrugged, turning over {k-Hearts}{6-Hearts}. Aubakirov showed {9-Clubs}{9-Diamonds} and took down the pot.

Daniyar Aubakirov kz
Daniyar Aubakirov
kz 126,000 23,000
Sergey Trenin RU
Sergey Trenin
RU 50,000

Pisarenko Doubles; Korenev Busts

zedmaster84 • Level 8: 400-800, 100 ante

With around 25,000 in the middle and the turn showing {K-Spades}{9-Diamonds}{5-Diamonds}{2-Spades}, Roman Kundasov moved all in and Maksim Pisarenko was having a decision for the remainder of his stack. Ultimately, Pisarenko called and the cards were turned over.

Maksim Pisarenko: {Q-Diamonds}{9-Clubs}
Roman Kundasov: {A-Spades}{5-Spades}

The {2-Clubs} river failed to improve Kundasov and he forfeited a big portion of his stack.

At almost the same time one table over, Roman Korenev got his short stack in with the {7-Diamonds}{7-Hearts} and was called by Vladimar Shashkov with {Q-Clubs}{Q-Spades}. Korenev spiked the {7-Spades} on the flop, but by the time the river came, there were four spades on the board and that was it for Korenev.

Vladimar Shashkov RU
Vladimar Shashkov
RU 95,000 5,000
Maksim Pisarenko ru
Maksim Pisarenko
ru 77,000
Roman Kundasov RU
Roman Kundasov
RU 27,000 -78,000
Roman Korenev ru
Roman Korenev
ru Busted

Tags: Vladimar ShashkovRoman KundasovRoman KorenevMaksim Pisarenko

Three-Bet Pot to Moneymaker

Yardley • Level 8: 400-800, 100 ante
Chris Moneymaker
Chris Moneymaker

Team PokerStars Pro Chris Moneymaker opened for 1,500 and faced a three-bet to 4,500 from Andrey Sakolishch on the button. Moneymaker called.

The flop was {4-Hearts}{2-Spades}{2-Diamonds} and Moneymaker check-called a bet of 5,000. The turn card was the {k-Hearts} and Moneymaker checked again.

Sakolishch asked to see how much Moneymaker was playing and he showed him that it was around 60,000. A bet of 10,000 from Sakolishch saw Moneymaker stick around.

The river was the {q-Spades} and both players checked.

Moneymaker tabled {k-Diamonds}{q-Clubs} for top two pair. Sakolishch shook his head and mucked.

Chris Moneymaker us
Chris Moneymaker
us 78,000 30,000
Andrey Sakolishch RU
Andrey Sakolishch
RU 43,000 -23,000

Tags: Chris MoneymakerAndrey Sakolishch