2022 bestbet Jacksonville Winter Series Open MSPT Black Hawk
Main Event
Main Event
Day 1bc Completed

RGPS Tulsa Hard Rock Main Event: Blair Hinkle Leads 61 Players Heading to Day 2, Jacob Seale Bags Final Flight Lead

Brentharrington • Level 12: 1,500-2,500, 2,500 ante
Jacob Seale
Jacob Seale

Jacob Seale, who just finished runner-up to Nam Phan for $32,428 at the RGPS Kansas City Main Event last weekend, bagged the chip lead with 255,500 on Day 1c of the RGPS Tulsa Hard Rock Main Event.

The final flight drew 111 players and 25 bagged to bring the total field returning for Day 2 to 61. There were a total of 319 entries and Blair Hinkle will lead the way into Day 2 with a whopping 451,000, after bagging a massive lead in Day 1b earlier in the day.

Clint Tolbert fell at the hands of Seale when Tolbert shoved a turned two pair into Seale, who called to hit trip tens on the river and eliminate Tolbert. Julie Cornelius sat on a short stack most of the day, but managed to find a bag and will start Day 2 with 39,000.

Mason Hinke (66,500) will join his brothers Grant (139,500) and Blair in Day 2 as well.

Day 2 will restart Sunday at noon with 61 players returning. The official prize pool has not been announced yet, but will be before the start of play. The PokerNews Live Reporting Team will be on hand to capture all the action, so be sure to join us then to see who walks away with the last title of the "Showbound" Season.

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Overall Chip Counts, All Three Flights (full)

Brentharrington • Level 12: 1,500-2,500, 2,500 ante
Blair Hinkle us
Blair Hinkle
us 451,000 196,000
Jacob Seale us
Jacob Seale
us 255,500 138,500
James Jewell us
James Jewell
us 252,500 11,500
Larry Bryson US
Larry Bryson
US 252,000
Jimmy Voeyele US
Jimmy Voeyele
US 246,000
Stephen Hart us
Stephen Hart
us 188,000 80,000
Nick Burris us
Nick Burris
us 167,000 -40,000
Fred Roll us
Fred Roll
us 166,000
Jay Johnson us
Jay Johnson
us 156,000
Jeremiah Smith US
Jeremiah Smith
US 154,000 -41,000
David Cossio us
David Cossio
us 153,000 -29,000
William McCracken us
William McCracken
us 148,000
Ted Forshey us
Ted Forshey
us 145,500 130,900
Grant Hinkle us
Grant Hinkle
us 139,500
Mark Martin us
Mark Martin
us 134,500
Matt Newcomb US
Matt Newcomb
US 134,000
Paul Strohm us
Paul Strohm
us 132,000
Justin Gardenhire us
Justin Gardenhire
us 127,000
Matthew Blackwell us
Matthew Blackwell
us 126,500 -15,500
Mike Crawford US
Mike Crawford
US 123,000
Grant Hart us
Grant Hart
us 120,500 91,000
Beau Wilshire us
Beau Wilshire
us 111,500 -15,500
Dan Lowery us
Dan Lowery
us 107,000 -54,000
Clyde Walter US
Clyde Walter
US 100,000
Jim Indeviri US
Jim Indeviri
US 94,000

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Three More Hands

Brentharrington • Level 12: 1,500-2,500, 2,500 ante

The players in Day 1C are playing three more hands before bagging for the night.


Ted Forshey, Clint Tolbert, and a Speedo

Brentharrington • Level 10: 800-1,600, 1,600 ante
Ted Forshey
Ted Forshey

Ted Forshey opened to 4,000 from middle position and Clint Tolbert reraised to 16,400 from the small blind.

Forshey raised all in, covering Tolbert's 56,000 remaining chips.

Tolbert took a few moments to decide his next move.

"Two sevens?" Tolbert asked.

"It's a light hand or a bluff."

Forshey responded.

"I know how good you are, I don't want to play a pot with you. I've seen your Instagram. With you and tan and your girl and your Speedo. I don't want to mess with you."

Tolbert took a few more moments.

"I'll show the hand," Forshey said.

Tolbert folded.

Forshey tossed two jacks face up and collected the pot.

Ted Forshey us
Ted Forshey
us 156,000 38,000
Clint Tolbert us
Clint Tolbert
us 58,000

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