WSOP Super Circuit Online Series 2021 NJCOOP 2021 MISCOOP partypoker Sunday LIVE
Event #26: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em
Player Sponsor Chips Progress
Ryan Welch us 1,524,000 0
Dan Smith us 887,000 0
Reed Goodmiller US 862,000 0
Jonas Wexler us 612,000 286,000
Eric Rappaport us 588,000 228,000
Christopher Symesko CA 491,000 0
Michael Katz us 439,000 0
Will Failla us 421,000 85,000
Geremy Eiland US 420,000 0
Heinz Kamutzki de 358,000 0
Andrew Rennhack us 358,000 0
Tony Gargano us 216,000 -524,000
Anthony Spinella us Busted
Nick Schulman us Busted
Joshua Hillock us Busted
Hector Quiroz Busted
Darren Elias us Busted
Matthew Haugen US Busted
Chris Doheney Busted
Zachary Gruneberg us Busted
Kyle Weir us Busted
Ethiel Garcia Busted
Adam Wilkinson GB Busted
Patrick Arena us Busted
Benjamin Reinhart us Busted
Hyongchul Kim US Busted
Abraham Abramovich IL Busted
Kirill Rabtsov RU Busted
Michael Campbell us Busted
Matthew Davenport GB Busted
David Singontiko us Busted
Michel Pomaret fr Busted
Justin Gow US Busted
Lester Joslin US Busted
Dimitrios Trichas CA Busted
John Alm US Busted
Edward Brogdon US Busted
Lisa Hamilton us Busted
Brian Green us Busted
Alex Santiago US Busted
Matthew Alexander us Busted
Eugene Castro us Busted
Karim Merali US Busted
Karl Myburgh ZA Busted
Hyuck Kwon US Busted
Manoj Batavia us Busted
Long Nguyen us Busted
Darek Spring US Busted
Sergey Pomerantsev RU Busted
Vinny Pahuja us Busted
Olaoluwa Okelola US Busted
Taylor von Kriegenbergh us Busted
John Minjarez US Busted
Shane Douglas us Busted
Andres Garcia us Busted
John White us Busted
William Hill us Busted
Lorne Wechsler CA Busted
von Kreigenbergh Busted
Vincent Valenti US Busted
Gregory Marcus Updated
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Arnaud Dieudonne FR Busted
Matt Lapossie Busted
Debbie Motycka US Busted
Phil Hellmuth us Busted
Nicholas Abourisk ie Busted
Travell Thomas US Busted
Martin Finger de Busted
Michael Smith us Busted
Quinn Bruno us Busted
David Meland US Busted
Mark Dube us Busted
Soi Nguyen us Busted
Michael Almaleh US Busted
Arturo Ortuno us Busted
Henry Wilken us Busted
Daniel Frumkin US Busted
Shaun Suller us Busted
Jeff Gross us Updated
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Steven Wolansky us Updated
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Steven Watts gb Busted
Max Silver gb Busted
Joe Serock us Busted
Jude Ainsworth ie Busted
Ami Barer ca Busted
Tom Alner gb Busted
Gary Huggins US Busted
Andrew Whitaker us Busted
Theo Tran us Busted
Mamba Dss Updated
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Ryan Hall ca Busted
Scott Clements us Busted
Jonathan Poche us Busted
Daniel Laming gb Busted
Glenn Cozen us Busted
Roland Israelashvili us Busted
James Clark US Busted
Stephen Kats US Busted
Christophe De Meulder be Busted
Andrew Yung US Busted
Jesse Cohen us Busted
Matthew Ara us Busted
Anthony Dimeo US Busted
Lance Donnell us Busted
Leslie Bashaar US Busted
gabriel nassif Updated
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Isidro Sifuentes us Busted
Leopoldo Araneta US Busted
Brandon Meyers us Busted
Mike McDonald ca Busted
Manh Nguyen US Busted
Peter Hong us Busted
Christopher Doheney CA Busted
Davis Adams US Busted
Leslie Roussell US Busted
Jordan Cristos us Busted
David Postar US Busted
Diego Sanchez mx Busted
Jesse Martin us Busted
Joachim Schork US Busted
Chris Back ca Busted
Ngoc Nguyen us Busted
Jeff Blenkarn us Busted
Mohsin Charania us Busted
Brandon Cantu us Busted
Scott Augustine US Busted
Chris Dombrowski us Busted
Daniel Sindelar us Busted
Justin Miller CA Busted
Harold Yago US Busted
Karim Jomeen gb Busted
Erik Rector US Busted
Dustin Dirksen us Busted
Binh Nguyen us Busted
Carlos Licona US Busted
Eugene Todd us Busted
Aaron Frei us Busted
Pierre Peretti FR Busted
Stephen Graner us Busted
Justin Laugherty US Busted
James McHenry US Busted
Mike Ellis gb Busted
Joseph Neiman US Busted
Robert Cheung ca Busted
Chad Layne us Busted
Samuel Wasserman US Busted
Thomas Paul us Busted
Vincent Moscati us Busted
Alexander Haris US Busted
Charles Edwards US Busted
Richard Wiggins US Busted
Benjamin Greene Busted
Ronnie Pease us Updated
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Vanessa Kade ca Updated
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Erwann Pecheux fr Busted
Matt Brady us Busted
Michael Jarvela US Busted
James Gettinger US Busted
Jeffrey Griffiths us Busted
Vinicus Teixeira De Silva BR Busted
Paul Lenkeit US Busted
Mary Carey US Busted
Michael Palo us Busted
Henry Lu us Busted
David Kelbel US Busted
Michael Lackie CA Busted
John Garry us Busted
William Palmer US Busted
Peter Apicelli US Busted
Connor Drinan us Busted
Ryne Johnson us Busted
Daniel Corbin US Busted
Phu Ngo us Busted
Matthew Humphrey US Busted
Michael Snow US Busted
David Schwartz us Busted
Hemanth Kumar us Busted
Kevin Clark nz Busted
Jamie Heitner US Busted
Joaquin Correia US Busted
Cristopher Lasco US Busted
Ian Gavlick US Busted
Jan Eric Schwippert de Busted
David Daggett US Busted
Alex Bolotin us Busted
Bob Ciaffone US Busted
Scott Hansbury Updated
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