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Event #20: $5,000 No-Limit Hold'em



Event #20: $5,000 No-Limit Hold'em
Day 1 Completed

Nearly 500 Show Up for Day 1 of $5,000 No-Limit Hold'em; Bonomo, Bicknell and Kuo Near the Top

MrCleverFox • Level 10: 500-1,000, 1,000 ante
Dan Colpoys
Dan Colpoys

Nearly 500 players registered for Day 1 of Event #20: $5,000 No-Limit Hold'em, filling up the entirety of the Amazon purple section over the course of the day. By the end of the night, only 170 of them remained. Chipleader after the first day of play was Dan Colpoys with 403,000. Colpoys' had an amazing last ten minutes of the day to bag up the chip lead

In a five-bet pot that started rather innocuous with a few limps, Colpoys eventually got it all in against Vojetch Ruzicka. Colpoys was holding aces against Ruzicka's kings and held up to send the former November Niner to the rail with just a few minutes left on the clock. Before the night ended, Colpoys sent another player to the rail with aces against queens and bagged up a substantial chip lead just like that.

Players played a total of ten 60-minute levels on Day 1 and many notables fell along the way. Some of the players who did not make it through to Day 2 included Mike Matusow, Robert Mizrachi, Joseph Cheong, Alex Foxen, Daniel Negreanu, Shaun Deeb, Maria Ho, Christian Harder and Jerry Wong.

Wong was one of the last to fall towards the end of the night and he was eliminated by Kitty Kuo in a big pot. In the hand, Wong three-bet from the big blind and Kuo called from the small blind. Kuo got it all in with an open-ended straight draw and Wong called with an overpair. Kuo rivered her straight to take down the massive pot, making her one of the biggest stacks in the room with 144,100.

Kitty Kuo
Kitty Kuo had a strong showing on Day 1

Along with Kuo, some of the other players returning for Day 2 include the likes of Justin Bonomo and Kristen Bicknell, who both hold a top ten spot after Day 1. Erik Seidel, Scott Blumstein, Kristen Bicknell, Anthony Spinella, Olivier Busquet, Pete Chen, Kenny Hallaert, Seth Davies, Cliff Josephy, Greg Merson, David Pham and Kathy Liebert were among the other notables that advanced.

Liebert and Pham tangled for much of the day after Liebert was moved to Pham's direct left. In one massive pot, Liebert and Pham flipped for nearly 100,000 chips with Pham holding ace-king and Liebert holding queens. Liebert's queens held up and she was able to ride on that stack for the rest of the day to find a bag.

Action will resume at 2 p.m. local time on Saturday, June 9, where players will return to play another ten 60-minute levels with 15-minute breaks every two levels. Blinds will resume at 600/1,200 with an ante of 1,200. Registration will remain open until the start of Day 2, which means players still have some time to join the field. The prize pool and payouts will be announced on Day 2 shortly after late registration has closed. PokerNews will be back with all the action, so be sure to check back in.

Justin Bonomo - 2018 $10,000 Heads-Up No-Limit Hold'em Championship Winner
Fresh off winning his second bracelet, Justin Bonomo had another strong showing on Day 1 of Event #20: $5,000 No-Limit Hold'em

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End of Day Chip Counts (full)

Jan_Kores • Level 10: 500-1,000, 1,000 ante

Dan Colpoys knocked out Vojtech Ruzicka in a massive cooler towards the end of today's play, clashing with aces against kings. Then he busted another player with aces over queens, taking a runaway chip lead into Day 2.

Daniel Colpoys us
Daniel Colpoys
us 403,000 403,000
Richard Tuhrim us
Richard Tuhrim
us 229,600 229,600
Jeremy Cate us
Jeremy Cate
us 180,800 180,800
Justin Bonomo us
Justin Bonomo
us 175,800 70,800
Seth Davies us
Seth Davies
us 175,300 -2,700
Kristen Bicknell ca
Kristen Bicknell
ca 170,800 76,800
Long Nguyen us
Long Nguyen
us 155,800
Peter Neff us
Peter Neff
us 155,500 155,500
Ryan Olisar us
Ryan Olisar
us 149,600 149,600
Kitty Kuo tw
Kitty Kuo
tw 144,100 -45,900
Kenneth Smaron us
Kenneth Smaron
us 139,700 139,700
Isaac Baron us
Isaac Baron
us 136,100
Brian Yoon us
Brian Yoon
us 134,900 102,900
Gaurav Raina us
Gaurav Raina
us 133,000 -12,000
Adnan Mohammad us
Adnan Mohammad
us 131,600 131,600
Ran Ilani il
Ran Ilani
il 131,500 131,500
Timo Kamphues de
Timo Kamphues
de 128,000 128,000
Andrea Benelli it
Andrea Benelli
it 127,800 127,800
Lars Kamphues de
Lars Kamphues
de 124,400 124,400
Thomas Brown us
Thomas Brown
us 123,900 123,900
Richard Kirsch us
Richard Kirsch
us 120,000 120,000
Taylor Paur us
Taylor Paur
us 118,300 6,300
Michael Gilbert us
Michael Gilbert
us 116,600 116,600
Cliff Josephy us
Cliff Josephy
us 116,000 41,000
Ross Schultz us
Ross Schultz
us 115,700 115,700

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Last Seven Hands Tonight

Jan_Kores • Level 10: 500-1,000, 1,000 ante

The tournament clock has been paused and each table will play last seven hands before the surviving players will bag their advancing stacks.

Cohen Earns a Double Up

MrCleverFox • Level 10: 500-1,000, 1,000 ante
Sam Cohen
Sam Cohen

Action was on the river with a board of {K-Diamonds}{Q-Diamonds}{2-Diamonds}{5-Spades}{6-Diamonds} and there was a pot of roughly 30,000 already in the middle of the table. Sam Cohen was facing off against one other opponent and she was on the button. Action checked over to her and she moved all in with her stack of 18,900. He opponent dropped into the tank.

After over a minute, Valentin Vornicu who was also at the table called the clocked.

"I've called the clock on this same guy three times already," Vornicu said.

The floor was called over and the player was given a 30-second clock. At the very end of his time, he decided to call, but Cohen showed {A-Diamonds}{3-Diamonds} for the nut flush and she scooped the pot for a double up.

Sam Cohen us
Sam Cohen
us 80,000 30,000

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Raina Cracks Merson's Aces

Jan_Kores • Level 10: 500-1,000, 1,000 ante

We caught the action when Greg Merson four-bet from the second position, following Gaurav Raina's three-bet to 7,500 on the button. Raina called and they continued to the flop with an inflated pot in the middle.

The dealer revealed {K-Clubs}{J-Diamonds}{9-Hearts} and Merson fired 16,800. Raina called.

The {Q-Diamonds} turn saw Merson check and Raina took his time before checking back.

The {J-Clubs} river paired the board and Merson checked one more time. Raina thought for a moment but then decided to play it safe and knuckled back.

Merson had a tough time against his opponent's range on that texture as the board looked all but pleasant for his {A-Spades}{A-Hearts}. Raina indeed hit much better, showing {J-Spades}{10-Spades} for a turned straight.

Gaurav Raina us
Gaurav Raina
us 145,000
Greg Merson us
Greg Merson
us 51,000 -42,000

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Kuo Gets There; Sends Wong to the Rail

MrCleverFox • Level 10: 500-1,000, 1,000 ante
Kitty Kuo
Kitty Kuo

A player opened in middle position to 2,500 and another player at the table called. Kitty Kuo called from the small blind before Jerry Wong made it 11,800 from the big blind. Action folded around back to Kuo who took a look at Wong's stack before calling.

The flop was {9-Spades}{7-Hearts}{6-Clubs} and Kuo checked to Wong who bet 13,500. Kuo looked at Wong's stack again, then put forth a stack of orange T5,000 chips, enough to put Wong all in. Wong snap-called.

Kitty Kuo: {9-Clubs}{8-Clubs}
Jerry Wong: {J-Clubs}{J-Spades}

The turn was the {J-Diamonds} which made Wong a massive favorite in the hand with a set, but Kuo got there on the river when the {10-Clubs} came, filling in her straight. Kuo laughed after the hand and stuck her tongue out a couple of times in jest as she raked in the pot. Wong wasn't offended though. He gave Kuo a hug, asked her in the hand was going to be on her twitter, then asked for a photo-op. He headed to the rail while Kuo scooped up another massive pot to put her just under 200,000.

Kitty Kuo tw
Kitty Kuo
tw 190,000 20,000
Jerry Wong us
Jerry Wong
us Busted

Tags: Jerry WongKitty Kuo

Bonomo on a Superior Level

Jan_Kores • Level 10: 500-1,000, 1,000 ante
Justin Bonomo (as seen in the $10k Heads-Up Championship)
Justin Bonomo (as seen in the $10k Heads-Up Championship)

Justin Bonomo has been storming through 2018 like a hurricane. His heater is already comparable to those of Fedor Holz or Dan Colman, and it's debatable whether Bonomo has already exceeded them - and we're still in the first half of the year.

After crushing high rollers elsewhere in town, Bonomo arrived in Rio to play for bracelets. And, of course, he immediately snatched one today when he came out on top in the $10k Heads-Up event.

When you ride a gigantic wave of success, why'd you stop? That seems a rule for Bonomo who recently took his seat in the $5k NLH event. He's already up to 105,000.

The latest player to experience Bonomo's unbeatable aura was Christian Harder. We arrived at the table when a {10-Clubs}{4-Hearts}{Q-Hearts} flop was dealt and Harder fired 6,500 from under the gun. Bonomo called in the hijack and there was at least one player also on the flop. However, Harder and Bonomo remained heads-up to the turn as no other calls were made.

The turn was the {Q-Diamonds} and both players checked. The {4-Diamonds} river then double paired the board and Harder checked again. Bonomo threw in enough chips to cover Harder's remaining 16,000. Harder grabbed his cards, lifted them in the air, looked at them and then threw in his chips.

Bonomo showed {Q-Clubs}{J-Clubs} for a boat and Harder exited the tournament, mucking his cards. The dealer turned them up as it was an all-in situation, and it became clear that Harder was calling with pocket aces.

Justin Bonomo us
Justin Bonomo
us 105,000
Christian Harder us
Christian Harder
us Busted

Tags: Justin Bonomo

Updated Chip Counts

Jan_Kores • Level 10: 500-1,000, 1,000 ante
Vojtech Ruzicka cz
Vojtech Ruzicka
cz 180,000 -30,000
Seth Davies us
Seth Davies
us 178,000 133,000
Kitty Kuo tw
Kitty Kuo
tw 170,000 10,000
Kenny Hallaert be
Kenny Hallaert
be 129,000 5,000
Stephen Chidwick gb
Stephen Chidwick
gb 95,000 36,000
Igor Yaroshevskyy ua
Igor Yaroshevskyy
ua 87,000 -28,000
Maria Lampropulos ar
Maria Lampropulos
ar 80,000 -13,300
Mihai Niste ro
Mihai Niste
ro 68,000
Jerry Wong us
Jerry Wong
us 60,000 18,000
Sam Cohen us
Sam Cohen
us 50,000 36,000
Jake Schindler us
Jake Schindler
us 50,000 16,000
Bryn Kenney us
Bryn Kenney
us 45,000 2,500
Aymon Hata gb
Aymon Hata
gb 40,000 1,500
David Peters us
David Peters
us 38,500 -6,500
Scott Blumstein us
Scott Blumstein
us 37,000 -1,000
Georgios Sotiropoulos gr
Georgios Sotiropoulos
gr 36,000 -49,000
Galen Hall us
Galen Hall
us 33,000 17,000
Olivier Busquet us
Olivier Busquet
us 32,000 -15,000
Shannon Shorr us
Shannon Shorr
us 24,000 -2,000
Ben Yu us
Ben Yu
us 18,500 -2,700
Nam Le us
Nam Le
us 15,000 5,500
Valentin Vornicu us
Valentin Vornicu
us 14,500 -2,500
Pete Chen tw
Pete Chen
tw 14,500 3,700
Maria Ho us
Maria Ho
us Busted