High Stakes Poker Season 7: Galfond Crushes, Klein Gets Last Laugh

High Stakes Poker Season 7: Galfond Crushes, Klein Gets Last Laugh 0001

The third session of season seven of High Stakes Poker started with a bang last weekend. The table welcomed back pros Johnny Chan, Antonio Esfandiari, Doyle Brunson and Phil Laak, and businessmen Robert Croak and Bill Klein. The two newcomers to the table were watchmaker Eric "Rolex" Boneta and Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond. Galfond got off to a fast start, but Klein got the last laugh.

Seat 1Johnny Chan
Seat 2Phil Galfond
Seat 3Antonio Esfandiari
Seat 4Eric Boneta
Seat 5Robert Croak
Seat 6Bill Klein
Seat 7Doyle Brunson
Seat 8Phil Laak

Galfond Punishes Laak: Bill Klein opened to $3,000 with AK, Phil Laak called with QQ, and Phil Galfond three-bet to $14,000 with Q10 on the button. Both Klein and Laak called, and the flop came down 465. Klein and Laak checked, and Galfond continued for $17,000. Laak called.

The turn was the 8, and Laak checked again. Galfond fired a hefty bet worth $53,000, and Laak mucked the best hand.

Flush Over Flush: Phil Galfond opened to $2,500 with J7, and Doyle Brunson called with 85. The dealer fanned 610Q, and Brunson led for $6,000. Galfond called. The turn was the A – uh oh – and Brunson fired $14,000. Galfond promptly raised to $36,000, and Brunson called.

The river was the Q, and Brunson checked. Galfond slid out $54,000, Brunson called, and Galfond tabled the winning hand.

BFFs: Robert Croak opened to $3,000 with 53, Phil Laak called with 99, and Antonio Esfandiari three-bet to $14,000 with AK. Only Laak called. The flop fell 644, and both players checked. The turn was the 6 and both players checked again. The river brought the 10, Esfandiari checked a third time, and Laak announced, “fourteen thousand four hundred.”

“I played that hand like a little girl,” Esfandiari sighed.

He eventually made the crying call with ace-high, but mucked when Laak opened up his wired pair of nines.

Croak Shoots Blanks: Phil Galfond woke up with AK in the cutoff and opened to $2,500. Eric Boneta called with J10 from the small blind, and Robert Croak called with A6 from the big. The flop came down 28K, and Croak led for $5,500. Only Galfond called. The turn was the 5, Croak led again – this time for $10,700 – and Galfond called.

The river was the 10, and Croak emptied the chamber. He fired a final bullet worth $15,800, and Galfond immediately raised to $48,500. Croak mucked, and Galfond took down yet another pot.

High Stakes Legends: Brian Roberts was nicknamed “Sailor” because he served in the U.S. Navy during the Korean War. The native Texan won the 1975 WSOP Main Event, and Doyle Brunson believes that he was the best all-around player of his era.

Ace-High = $70K: Bill Klein straddled to $1,600, and Phil Laak opened to $4,000 with KQ. Johnny Chan (KQ) and Eric Boneta (AQ) called. The flop fell 8J10, giving everybody a draw, Laak checked, and Chan fired $8,000. Boneta and Laak called, and the turn was the 7. Laak led for $10,400, and both Chan and Boneta called.

The river was the 4, and all three players checked. Boneta’s ace-high was good, and he took down the $70,000 pot.

Diamonds are Forever: Johnny Chan opened to $3,000 with J9, Phil Galfond called with KJ, Robert Croak tagged along with A2, and Bill Klein defended his big blind with 109. The flop was 45K. The action checked to Galfond, who fired $4,000. Croak and Chan called. The turn was the 9, and the action checked to Galfond again. He tossed out $18,000, and only Chan called.

The river was the 2 – bingo – and Chan immediately led for $31,000. Galfond tank-called, and Chan showed him the best hand.

“Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's Johnny!” Antonio Esfandiari added.

Turning Trips: Phil Galfond straddled to $1,600, and Eric Boneta opened to $5,600 with KK. Bill Klein called with AJ, and Galfond defended his straddled with K4. The flop came down J95, Galfond checked, and Boneta continued for $16,000. Klein called, Galfond mucked, and the turn brought the J – jackpot! Boneta led for $30,000, and Klein simply called.

The river was the 6, Boneta checked, and Klein fired $80,000.

“I don’t think I’m ahead,” Boneta muttered. “But I don’t like folding.”

Boneta sat in the tank for less than a minute before making a nice fold, and Klein took down the $190,000 pot.

SeatPlayerStack SizeWin/Loss
Seat 1Johnny Chan$265,500+$65,500
Seat 2Phil Galfond$312,900+112,900
Seat 3Antonio Esfandiari$382,400-$17,600
Seat 4Eric Boneta$177,500-$22,500
Seat 5Robert Croak$191,200-$8,800
Seat 6Bill Klein$520,200+$20,200
Seat 7Doyle Brunson$83,700-$116,300
Seat 8Phil Laak$166,600-$33,400

OMGBillKlein: Bill Klein straddled to $1,600, and Phil Galfond opened to $3,500 from late position with Q10. Robert Croak called with AJ in the big blind, and Klein defended his straddle with 106. The dealer fanned J92, Croak led for $5,500, Klein raised to $17,500, and Galfond cold-called. Croak called the raise, and the turn was the K – nuts!

Croak checked, Klein fired $28,000, and Galfond raised to $67,000. Croak got out of the way, but Klein made the call. The river was the J, but Klein didn’t give up. Instead, he slid out $150,000 with just ten-high.

“That wasn’t the best river card,” Galfond chuckled.

Galfond went deep into the tank before folding — and Klein showed the bluff. The table exploded with praise as the monster pot was shipped tod Klein.

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