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WPT Online on partypoker Extended to May 31st; Overall Guarantee Doubled

WPT Online on partypoker Extended to 31st May; Overall Guarantee Doubled

The WPT Online on partypoker has been extended until the end of May, with the original $15,000,000 guarantee doubled to $30 million.

This includes a $1m increase in the guarantee of the $1,050 WPTDeepStacks event, which along with the Closer and Mini Closer has been moved back a week in the schedule.

Check Out the Updated WPT Online Schedule

Find out the new WPT Online details over on partypoker

Schedule Change "Good Solution For All" Says Yong

partypoker partner and Dusk Till Dawn owner Rob Yong was the first to announce the news over the weekend,

"We've consulted with players and also spoken with WPT," said Yong in a short video, "And instead of running the WTPDeepStacks over the top of the WPT [Online Championship], making it very hard to qualify players, we've taken the WPTDeepStacks and moved it to when the Main Event finishes.

"This is exactly the same as how it's been done live, so it's a good solution for all."

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WPT Online Guarantees Double

When originally announced, the WPT Online series had 10 events with a combined $15 million in guarantees.

According to the partypoker website, that has now increased to 40 events with $30 million in guarantees. The major change has been the delay to the start of the WPTDeepStacks from the 11th May until the 18th May. The guarantee has also been increased from $2,000,000 to $1,000,000.

Other changes include the Closer and Mini Closer moved from the 20th May to the 31st May. The two PKO tournaments have also had their guarantees increased; the Closer was originally scheduled to have a $200,000 guarantee for a $530 buy-in. That has now been increased to $1,000,000.

WPTDeepStacks Moved in Schedule

Originally scheduled for ten starting flights between May 11th and May 19th, the $3m GTD WPTDeepStacks will now begin on Monday 18th May. The $1,050 buy-in tournament is an online version of its popular live format and will hope to attract a strong field.

There is also the addition of a Mini WPTDeepStacks, something that was not originally on the WPT Online schedule. This $109 tournament comes with a $1,000,000 guarantee.

Updated WPT Online schedule

Here is a revised WPT Online schedule according to the partypoker client. With no events besides the WPTDeepStacks and Mini WPTDeepStacks scheduled between May 20th and May 25th, Yong says that partypoker might "sprinkle in" a few side events

"But at the end of the day," said Yong. "Wherever we put a side event in we'll also delete our daily tournaments so there are no extra tournaments in the lobby."

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DateTime (GMT+1)EventBuy-inGuarantee
11/05/202019:00Mini Pot Limit Omaha$215$50,000
 19:00Pot Limit Omaha$2,100$300,000
 19:00PLO High Roller$10,300$1,000,000
 20:00WPTSuper50 Day 1$55$1,000,000
 21:006-Max Turbo$530$100,000
 21:00Mini 6-Max Turbo$55$50,000
12/05/202018:00Bounty Hunter$2,650$500,000
 18:00Mini Bounty Hunter$265$250,000
 19:00High Roller$5,200$1,000,000
 20:00WPTSuper50 Day 1$55$1,000,000
13/05/202018:006-Max Turbo$1,050$300,000
 18:00Mini 6-Max Turbo$109$100,000
 19:00High Roller$10,300$1,000,000
 20:00WPTSuper50 Day 1$55$1,000,000
 21:00Turbo Bounty$530$75,000
 21:00Mini Turbo Bounty$55$150,000
 18:00Mini Mix-Max$162$500,000
 19:00Super High Roller$25,500$2,000,000
 20:00WPTSuper50 Day 1$55$1,000,000
15/05/202018:006-Max Weekender Day 1a$2,100$1,000,000
 18:00Mini 6-Max Weekender Day 1a$215$300,000
 20:00WPTSuper50 Day 1$55$1,000,000
 21:006-Max Hyper$530$100,000
 21:00Mini 6-Max Hyper$55$25,000
16/05/202018:006-Max Weekender Day 1b$2,100$1,000,000
 18:00Mini 6-Max Weekender Day 1b$215$300,000
 19:00Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo$1,575$200,000
 19:00Mini Pot Limit Hi-Lo$162$40,000
 20:00WPTSuper50 Day 1$55$1,000,000
 21:00Mix-Max Turbo$1,050$105,000
 21:00Mini Mix-Max Turbo$109$100,000
17/05/202015:00WPTSuper50 Day 1$55$1,000,000
 15:306-Max Weekender Day 1c Turbo$2,100$1,000,000
 15:30Mini 6-Max Weekender Day 1c Turbo$215$300,000
 18:00WPT Online Championship Day 1b$3,200$5,000,000
 19:00Super High Roller$25,500$2,000,000
 20:00WPT Super50 Day 1$55$1,000,000
 21:006-Max Turbo Bounty$530$250,000
 21:00Mini 6-Max Turbo Bounty$55$100,000
18/05/202012:00WPT Online Championship Day 1c$3,200$5,000,000
 17:00WPT Online Championship Day 1d Turbo$3,200$5,000,000
 20:00WPTDeepStacks Day 1$1,050$3,000,000
 20:00Mini WPTDeepStacks Day 1$109$1,000,000
 20:00WPTSuper50 Day 1$55$1,000,000
 21:00Second Chance Turbo$3,200$300,000
19/05/202014:00WPTSuper50 Day 1$55$1,000,000
 17:00WPTSuper50 Day 1 Turbo$55$1,000,000
 20:00WPTDeepStacks Day 1$1,050$3,000,000
 20:00Mini WPTDeepStacks Day 1$109$1,000,000
20/05/202020:00WPTDeepStacks Day 1$1,050$3,000,000
 20:00Mini WPTDeepStacks Day 1$109$1,000,000
21/05/202020:00WPTDeepStacks Day 1$1,050$3,000,000
 20:00Mini WPTDeepStacks Day 1$109$1,000,000
22/05/202020:00WPTDeepStacks Day 1$1,050$3,000,000
 20:00Mini WPTDeepStacks Day 1$109$1,000,000
23/05/202020:00WPTDeepStacks Day 1$1,050$3,000,000
 20:00Mini WPTDeepStacks Day 1$109$1,000,000
24/05/202020:00WPTDeepStacks Day 1$1,050$3,000,000
 20:00Mini WPTDeepStacks Day 1$109$1,000,000
25/05/202020:00WPTDeepStacks Day 1$1,050$3,000,000
 20:00Mini WPTDeepStacks Day 1$109$1,000,000
26/05/202021:00Second Chance Turbo$1,050$100,000
31/05/202019:00Closer (PKO)$530$1,000,000
 19:00Mini Closer (PKO)$55$300,000

Note: Schedule subject to change. Please head to the partypoker client for up-to-date details

  • The WPT Online has seen its total guarantees double from $15 million to $30 million.

  • The WPT Online now has at least 40 events with $30m in guarantees.

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