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Top Pair Podcast 331: EPT Sochi Highlights & Mixed Games vs. Hold’em


In episode 331, Bruce Briggs and Robbie Strazynski examine the issues a player needs to be prepared for when approaching a mixed games home game versus a hold’em-only affair. Robbie recaps his eclectic experiences at EPT Sochi, including some tales from the Russian cash game scene.

Bruce’s break-even streak gets broken and he goes gaga for Gonzaga in a brief March Madness aside. Of course, there’s a fun one-outer with which the show will likely leave you chuckling.

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Show Time Stamps

1:11–29:43How Ya Runnin?
1:21 Deriving happiness from sesame seed bagels.
3:35Breakeven Bruce breaks down. Lost two buy-ins over two sessions. Reminiscing about previous April Fool’s Day episodes.
4:56March Madness talk. Bruce goes gaga for Gonzaga, while Robbie questions the university’s actual existence (with an assist from Jimmy Kimmel). Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway multimillion-dollar bracket challenge.
13:05Recapping the highlights of a visit to the 2019 European Poker Tour stop in Sochi, Russia. Getting out of the poker room a bit to see the sights and tour the former Winter Olympics host city.
16:18Talking about what it was like to play in the Casino Sochi cash games. Three sessions for a total of 22 hours of play, but nothing to show for it other than memories and experiences; all that poker and broke even.
18:50The importance of looking to the left and making adjustments according to how your opponents react to looking at their hole cards for the first time.
21:04Other notable personalities in attendance, interviews, and trip highlights, focusing on introducing Westerners to what Russia is really like vs. stereotypes.
25:25Robbie’s heading to the WSOP for the fourth consecutive year, will be entering a bracelet event for the first time, the $1,500 Dealer’s Choice event on June 3rd. Crossing off a bucket list items after 15 years of dealer’s choice home game play.
29:00 Will Bruce and Robbie finally meet this summer?
30:58–52:10 Just a Few Folks (A deeper look at common home game issues)
31:47No-limit hold’em vs. mixed game home games: what are the main differences in terms of mental preparation and in-game play? Not as many bluffing opportunities in mixed games; multiple reasons why.
42:31How to estimate what sort of poker bankroll you need and what stakes to play for if you primarily play mixed games, as opposed to mostly hold’em.
53:35One Outer – Bruce’s friend “Chucky Cheese” exhibits religious fervor at the poker table.

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  • PODCAST: How to approach Hold'em only vs. mixed games in a home game + #EPTSochi highlights from the Russian cash game tables.

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