Event #67: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event World Championship
Event #67: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event World Championship
Day 2abd Completed

Shahid, Martinez, and Davies Among the Big Stacks on Day 2abd

zedmaster84 • Level 10: 1,000-2,000, 2,000 ante
Rameez Shahid
Rameez Shahid

The 2021 World Series of Poker $10,000 Main Event has concluded the first of two Day 2s. All survivors of Day 1a, 1b, and 1d returned to their seats in the Brasilia and Pavilion Room and along with the late entrants, that made for more than 3,000 hopefuls from all over the world back in action in the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino. After the completion of five two-hour levels, that field was cut down to more than half on Day 2abd.

Two Canadians can be found near the top of the leaderboard as Rameez Shahid (731,700) and Damien Steel (649,000) emerged among the chip leaders. Not far behind Shahid are David Mock (679,700), Farhad Jamasi (635,000), Raul Martinez (628,100), Steve Foutty (620,000), and Mitchell Halverson (617,600).

2014 WSOP APAC Main Event champion Scott Davies started his journey on Day 2abd with just 17,600. However, he became one of several contestants who finished the night with a stack of more than half a million in chips, as he wrapped up the night inside the top ten (615,100).

Scott Davies
Scott Davies

WSOP Main Event Day 2abd Top 10 Chip Counts

1Rameez ShahidCanada731,700305
2David MockUnited States679,700283
3Damien SteelCanada649,000270
4Farhad JamasiUnited States635,000265
5Raul MartinezSpain628,100262
6Steve FouttyUnited States620,000258
7Mitchell HalversonUnited States617,600257
8Scott DaviesUnited States615,100256
9David ColemanUnited States613,500256
10Kayvon ShahbazUnited States599,200250

Other notables who advanced with healthy stacks are David Coleman (613,000), Johan Schumacher (597,000), Robert Cowen (596,400), Nick Petrangelo (490,200), Anton Wigg (490,000), Mustapha Kanit (473,300), Brian Altman (440,100), Roman Valerstein (424,400), Japanese vlogger Masato Yokosawa (365,700), and GGPoker ambassador Jason Koon (361,200).

The women in the field also had a strong showing as Brittney Stout (394,900), Nadya Magnus (353,400), Jessica Cai (303,000), Kathy Liebert (285,500), Ana Freitas (239,100), 2021 Ladies Event champion Lara Eisenberg (229,300), Kitty Kuo (203,100), Maria Ho (199,000), and Sarah Stefan (129,400) all made it through to Day 3.

It was one of the busiest days of the 2021 WSOP so far as the constant riffling of chips could be heard throughout the entire Pavilion Room. For the first time, the flagship tournament allowed late registration on Day 2, and players could enter for the first two levels and the following break.

Some 145 contenders opted to buy into Day 2abd during the first two levels instead of jumping into Day 1f, which kicked off one hour later in the Amazon Room. Along with all of the Day 1 entries across the six starting days, the flagship event of the festival has attracted more than 6,500 entries already.

When the dust had settled upon completion of Level 10, more than half of the field was gone and all those still in the mix condensed into four different areas in the Pavilion Room bagged up their chips. Some notables who failed to make it that far were Jeff Hakim, Asi Moshe, Adam Friedman, Rep Porter, Mikita Badziakouski, Sam Grafton, Jeff Gross, as well as the GGPoker online streamers Patrick Tardif and Kevin Martin.

Maria Konnikova saw her Main Event run come to an end when she was involved in a three-way all-in with pocket jacks. Pete Skyllas flopped an inferior set of tens but spiked the one-outer to score a double knockout. Melanie Weisner, Lexy Gavin, Lena Evans, and Kelly Minkin, Kyna England, and Danielle Andersen were also sent to the rail.

Among the former WSOP Main Event champions, Tom McEvoy, Jerry Yang, Ryan Riess, and Doyle Brunson all saw their hopes of a repeat victory end.

The survivors of Day 2abd now have one day off before returning to their seats on Thursday, November 11, at 11 am local time. They will then be joined by all those who make the cut for the second Day 2, which features all survivors of Day 1c, Day 1e, and Day 1f along with the players who enter during the late registration period.

When the action for Day 3 resumes with blinds starting at 1,200/2,400 with a big ante of 2,400, the prize pool information will be known already and the money bubble is expected to burst early on Day 4. Stay tuned for more action from Las Vegas, as the PokerNews live reporting team will be on the floor from start to finish for the pinnacle live poker event of the year.

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Full End of Day 2abd Chip Counts (full)

Jaxon • Level 10: 1,000-2,000, 2,000 ante
Rameez Shahid ca
Rameez Shahid
ca 731,700 731,700
David Mock us
David Mock
us 679,700
Damien Steel CA
Damien Steel
CA 649,000 481,000
Farhad Jamasi us
Farhad Jamasi
us 635,000 305,000
Raul Martinez es
Raul Martinez
es 628,100 -11,900
Steve Foutty us
Steve Foutty
us 620,000 270,000
Mitchell Halverson us
Mitchell Halverson
us 617,600 112,600
Scott Davies us
Scott Davies
us 615,100 25,100
David Coleman us
David Coleman
us 613,500 93,500
Kayvon Shahbaz us
Kayvon Shahbaz
us 599,200 360,700
Johan Schumacher be
Johan Schumacher
be 597,000 177,000
Robert Cowen gb
Robert Cowen
gb 596,400 116,400
Sasa Ikac ie
Sasa Ikac
ie 583,900 583,900
Nick Petrangelo us
Nick Petrangelo
us 580,000 -13,000
David Levy us
David Levy
us 561,500 81,500
Dragana Lim us
Dragana Lim
us 559,800 4,800
William O'Neil US
William O'Neil
US 545,100 415,200
Stephen Song us
Stephen Song
us 540,300 48,300
Andrew Ostapchenko us
Andrew Ostapchenko
us 538,400 -27,000
Noel Eicher us
Noel Eicher
us 517,500 500
Ruslan Dykshteyn us
Ruslan Dykshteyn
us 513,000 372,000
Mark Zullo us
Mark Zullo
us 506,600 324,600
Martin Pineiro ar
Martin Pineiro
ar 503,200 432,000
David Williams (NV) US
David Williams (NV)
US 499,100 499,100
Anton Wigg se
Anton Wigg
se 490,000 -32,000

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Day 2abd Has Ended

connorrichards • Level 10: 1,000-2,000, 2,000 ante

Day 2abd of Event #67: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event World Championship has ended after five two-hour levels of play. Stay tuned for a recap of the day's events.

Three More Hands

OHairDJ • Level 10: 1,000-2,000, 2,000 ante

The tournament director has just announced each table will be dealt three more hands before bagging and tagging for the day.

A Summation of Several Pavilion Green Situations

MattHansen • Level 10: 1,000-2,000, 2,000 ante
Chang Liu US
Chang Liu
US 370,000 -47,000
Matt Berkey us
Matt Berkey
us 300,000 158,800
Masato Yokosawa jp
Masato Yokosawa
jp 287,300 -12,700
PJ Cha us
PJ Cha
us 265,000 -5,000
Danny Wong us
Danny Wong
us 239,000 58,000
Jordan Spurlin us
Jordan Spurlin
us 237,500 -109,400
Chris Sandrock us
Chris Sandrock
us 195,000 15,000
Cheryl Spencer-Nejtek US
Cheryl Spencer-Nejtek
US 169,500 50,500
Blake Bohn us
Blake Bohn
us 130,000 -15,000
Lara Eisenberg us
Lara Eisenberg
us 119,300 -90,700
Robert Campbell au
Robert Campbell
au 115,500 -4,500
Thomas Chapman US
Thomas Chapman
US 115,000 10,600
Benjamin Diebold us
Benjamin Diebold
us 112,600 20,000
Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier fr
Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier
fr 111,400 -18,600
Brent Hanks us
Brent Hanks
us 92,500 -17,500
Adam Hendrix us
Adam Hendrix
us 81,800 3,800
Jimmy Lee ca
Jimmy Lee
ca 81,300 -103,700
Allen Kessler us
Allen Kessler
us 35,900 -7,100
Jesse Yaginuma us
Jesse Yaginuma
us Busted

One More Run Through Pavilion Black

MikePatrick • Level 10: 1,000-2,000, 2,000 ante
Anton Wigg se
Anton Wigg
se 522,000 -8,000
David Levy us
David Levy
us 480,000 130,000
Adedapo Ajayi us
Adedapo Ajayi
us 415,000 -5,000
Chad Eveslage us
Chad Eveslage
us 366,000 141,000
Stephen Chidwick gb
Stephen Chidwick
gb 295,000 45,000
Ben Yu us
Ben Yu
us 287,000 102,000
Keegan Westover us
Keegan Westover
us 265,000 20,000
Craig Varnell us
Craig Varnell
us 221,000 99,000
Ken Aldridge us
Ken Aldridge
us 149,000 49,000
Kenneth Cleeton us
Kenneth Cleeton
us 102,000 22,000
Ray Henson us
Ray Henson
us 88,000 30,000
Jon Pardy ca
Jon Pardy
ca 62,000 -8,000
Dara O'Kearney ie
Dara O'Kearney
ie 38,500 -23,500
Amnon Filippi us
Amnon Filippi
us 33,000 -37,000
Frank Kassela us
Frank Kassela
us Busted

Eisenberg Busts Horiuchi

zedmaster84 • Level 10: 1,000-2,000, 2,000 ante

Lara Eisenberg raised to 4,000 and table big stack Robert Cowen then three-bet to 14,000. Masato Horiuchi four-bet jammed for around 50,000 and Eisenberg rejammed to force a quick fold from Cowen.

Masato Horiuchi: {a-Clubs}{q-Diamonds}
Lara Eisenberg: {a-Hearts}{k-Clubs}

The kicker played on the {8-Spades}{5-Spades}{3-Spades}{6-Clubs}{9-Diamonds} as neither player hit anything for Eisenberg to notch up the elimination.

Robert Cowen gb
Robert Cowen
gb 480,000 362,100
Goran Mandic hr
Goran Mandic
hr 330,000 70,000
Lara Eisenberg us
Lara Eisenberg
us 210,000 90,700
Tristan Wade us
Tristan Wade
us 185,000 107,000
Masato Horiuchi US
Masato Horiuchi
US Busted

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Shashikhina Chips Up Through Aggression

connorrichards • Level 10: 1,000-2,000, 2,000 ante
Sonia Shashikhina
Sonia Shashikhina

Sonia Shashikhina was in the big blind and three-bet when facing an open from the under-the-gun player, who called the raise.

Shashikhina continued with a bet of 13,000 on the flop reading {j-Clubs}{k-Spades}{a-Diamonds} and her opponent called.

Shashikhina sized up to 50,000 on the {10-Clubs} turn to put her opponent all-in and he folded after some deliberation.

Sonia Shashikhina ru
Sonia Shashikhina
ru 220,000 75,000

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