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Poker Lingo: Taylor Paur, Mark Herm, Paul Volpe and Others Translate Their Tweets

Poker Lingo: Taylor Paur, Mark Herm, Paul Volpe and Others Translate Their Tweets 0001

Twitter can often be a very useful and entertaining tool in the poker world. The popular social networking site carries breaking news stories, tournament reports and chip counts, and the high-rolling lifestyles of our favorite poker players straight to our computer screens and mobile devices instantaneously. And we can't get enough.

Sometimes, though, we haven't the slightest clue what the hell poker players talking about.

Since Twitter users are limited to 140 characters or less per tweet, it's no surprise that poker players have to create their own lingo in order to communicate. Quicker than texting and accessible for all to see, players have mastered the skill of shorthand communication. We decided to post our some of our recent favorites and, because we had no clue what most of them they meant, we went straight to the source to decipher.

EXPLANATION: Todd = Todd Heap = Heaps = Lots of Chips

TRANSLATION: I'm seven-handed and I have lots of chips.

TRANSLATION: Take it down (win the tournament), boss!

TRANSLATION: Let’s play heads-up deuce-to-seven for all the money in our bankrolls.

INTERPRETATION: Paul Volpe’s nickname is TOFT

TRANSLATION: Talk of the Town

EXPLANATION: "It's a common question to ask an online player."

TRANSLATION: What you got? How many chips do you have in your stack?

TRANSLATION: What is your status?

TRANSLATION: There's a Game of Thrones party tonight if you bust from the tournament.

EXPLANATION: "Casey Jarzabek’s online screename is bigdogpckt5s"

TRANSLATION: I won a pot with pocket fives and then doubled up with pocket queens.

EXPLANATION: "That was when I was driving to Las Vegas and there was a huge traffic jam so 'dolts' is just another word for morons."

TRANSLATION: Morons crashing into each other because they’re lookin’ at the previous morons that crashed #moronsonmoronsonmorons

EXPLANATION: "I am two years sober and it was just a food order."

TRANSLATION: The All American Dave Burger is awesome. But how did they know I was in AA?

EXPLANATION: "We are just nonsense a lot of the times. We use the word pillaged then changed it to stillaged – actually it doesn’t really mean anything."

TRANSLATION: Sometimes these fellas don’t know what they’re trying to say.

EXPLANATION: "So we started saying perks, you know the positivity in something. Then we were saying snerks, then changed it to snicks. And then snonks just kind of snuck in there. They’re pretty much all positive words.


EXPLANATION: "We discovered that dolts could be used for more than one instance. In this case dolts refers to a donkey on the table, a player who isn’t as great as other players and seen as the fish."

TRANSLATION: Good luck. Get all the idiots' money.

TRANSLATION: Beat the donkeys

EXPLANATION: There isn't one.

TRANSLATION: This tweet was too bizarre for even Burbick or his friends to recall what it meant.

When helping decode some of his vernacular, Volpe told us, “It’s something we’ve been doing as long as we’ve been playing. You’re figuring out our code. I don’t like it.” However, Mark Herm wasn't shy about explaining his lexicon to PokerNews' Sarah Grant:

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