New Episode of PokerStars Championship Cash Challenge Released

PokerStars Championship Cash Challenge

They teased earlier with a video which we dubbed the Craziest Hand of Poker You'll See All Year, but now the full first episode of the PokerStars Championship Cash Challenge has been released.

PokerStars taped the show during the now-defunct PokerStars Championship Monte Carlo, in which six players battle it out in a €25/€50 cash game with €10 ante. Pre-flop the action is pot limit, post-flop it's no-limit.

Line Up One - Kevin Hart

The first five episodes feature some established pros, not all necessarily known for their cash game prowess, movie star Kevin Hart, and qualifier Mila Munroe. Munroe, a qualifier from Germany, is staked for €12,500 by PokerStars. Dubbed "The Challenger," she plays 150 hands and gets to keep any profits she makes.

The video playlist beneath has all five episodes featuring this lineup.

SeatPlayerCountryBuy-in amount
1Mila MunroeGermany€12,500
2Daniel NegreanuCanada€25,000
3Liv BoereeUnited Kingdom€10,000
4Kevin HartUnited States€25,000
5Charlie CarrelUnited Kingdom€25,000
6Faraz JakaUnited States€15,000

Line Up Two - Jaime Staples

In episode six, a new line-up is assembled with Sam Grafton being the most talkative. Brittish qualifier Alex Currie sat down with €12,500 while PokerStars Team Pro Jake Cody brought €20,000. Jaime Staples had €10,000 to go with, Celina Lin, Sam Grafton and Alireza Fatehi started out with €5,000.

The video playlist beneath has both released episodes of this lineup.

SeatPlayerCountryBuy-in amount
1Alex CurrieUnited Kingdom€12,500
2Jake CodyUnited Kingdom€20,000
3Jaime StaplesCanada€10,000
4Alireza FatehiIran€5,000
5Celina LinChina€5,000
6Sam GraftonUnited Kingdom€5,000
  • Watch Kevin Hart, Negreanu, Boeree, Carrel, Jaka, and a qualifier in a €25/€50 cash game!

  • Watch Jaime Staples, Cody, Fatehi, Lin, Grafton, and a qualifier in a €25/€50 cash game!

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