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888poker ambassador Dominik Nitsche and World Poker Tour host Tony Dunst know a thing or two when it comes to analyzing hands from the poker table. Combined, the pair have over $23 million in total live earnings as well as six World Series of Poker gold bracelets.

Dunst and Nitsche have teamed up and review three hands from December's 2021 888poker WPTDeepStacks London Online $100,000 High Roller Final Table for a bitesize strategy video. The event was a $2,100 buy-in and had 55 entries, "SpielerKind" walked away as the victor and collected the title and $25,300 up top.

Continue reading to find out what these pro's would do in these given spots.

Hand One

Hand One

The Hand: "Theelwild" opened with pocket aces on the button with "GlobalHappi" completing the action with jack-ten offsuit in the big blind. "Theelwild" made a small continuation bet on the ten-high flop before calling the all-in from his opponent. "GlobalHappi" failed to improve and was the first player eliminated from the final table.

Analysis: The main talking point from this hand is whether "GlobalHappi" needed to get his stack in on the flop. Both Dunst and Nitsche agree that this was the right move to make for a few reasons. Nitsche explains that as "GlobalHappi" was the short stack at the final table, in his position you just want to take the pot down. His hand was also very strong in this spot and any other play would be incorrect, it was just unfortunate that he ran into an overpair.

Nitsche does elaborate that if there was a player with a shorter stack at the table, then just trying to survive for the next pay jump would be fine as well however in this exact scenario, moving all-in is the best play.

Hand Two

Hand Two

The Hand: Three players went to the {a-Diamonds}{j-Hearts}{2-Spades} flop with "floatmasta", who was holding a pair of tens, all-in and at risk of elimination. "matokr" check-called from the big blind with ace-five offsuit after "SMalderis" bet two big blinds while holding pocket jacks. The big blind then check-called another bet on the {7-Hearts} turn before folding to a six big blind bet on the {q-Diamonds} river. "SMalderis" scooped the pot and secured the knockout with a set of jacks.

Analysis: The questions posed by Dunst to Nitsche regarding this hand are:

  • Do you like the big blind making the call on the turn?
  • Do you like sizing from "SMalderis" on the river?

First Nitsche questions the pre-flop play of the big blind and makes a point that the big blind could have folded. However, he does note that the call is okay if the action wasn't reopened following the short stack's all-in.

Nitsche agrees with Dunst that the turn is where the decision to get out of the hand needs to be made as "makotr" wouldn't be thrilled with the flop and despite the small sizing on the turn, that's where the big blind would need to give up rather than on the river.

Nitsche then explains on the river that "SMalderis" has a pot-sized bet behind and that the only move here is to commit all of his stack rather than betting small again. Nitsche highlights that he's not sure what this bet is trying to accomplish and the small bet doesn't work in this spot to which Dunst agrees.

Hand Three

Hand Three

The Hand: At three-handed play, Chip leader "SpielerKind" opened on the button with pocket nines, the small blind folded before "matokr" jammed for 22 big blinds. "SpielerKind" called and made a set on the {j-Clubs}{9-Hearts}{2-Clubs} flop prior to securing the checkmark on the {5-Clubs}{q-Clubs} runout.

Analysis: The question asked in this hand is that can a case be made here for just flatting with ace-king preflop rather than jamming. It is noted that the small blind only has seven big blinds so should this be played more cautiously preflop as the big blind out-chips the short stack 3:1.

Nitsche details that what move to make in this situation depends heavily on the payout structure of the event. If the payouts are top heavy then you should never be calling in this situation but if the prizes are more even then just calling is a good move.

Both Dunst and Nitsche emphasise that in more advanced play, everything is about dynamics so this means understanding concepts like ICM. Dunst explains that beginner and some intermediate players will just play this on autopilot rather than being present and aware of what is going on around them to which Nitsche backs up and adds that this is where the money is made on final tables.

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  • Not sure what to do in certain spots at an online final table? Check out this hand analysis to make sure you're making the best decisions possible.

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