888poker Strategy: What NOT To Do at The Poker Table

Kara Scott

888poker's Kara Scott has been around poker long enough to know the do's and don'ts when at the poker table. A veteran in the world of poker presenting, commentating, and interviewing it is fair to say she knows more than her fair share about poker, especially when it comes to table etiquette.

It is no secret that it is important to know what to do when at a poker table but it is equally crucial to understand what NOT to do when playing poker. In the video below, Scott highlights her three biggest poker pet peeves which should put you in good stead on how to act appropriately when playing.

1. Do Not Berate The Dealers

First and foremost you should never scold a poker dealer under any circumstances, like a referee in football, without the casino dealers there would be no game to play.

Remember that it's not the fault of a dealer if they deal a river card that gives your opponent the winning hand, they really don't know what the next card is.

You are allowed to be upset about losing a pot but go for a quick walk instead of letting your emotions get the better of you.

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2. Do Not Talk During Hands Where You Can Influence the Action

Regardless if you are heads up versus another player or multi-handed, you should always be conscious about what you say during a hand, whether you are involved or not. Accidentally letting slip that you folded a certain card or slapping the table when your draw came in after you folded, can unfairly influence the action of a hand. Always be mindful of this as you don't want to be the reason someone loses a big pot due to acting carelessly.

3. Stop Trying to Play Teacher at the Table

Whether playing poker live or online, no one likes a know-it-all. You may notice that after a certain type of player experiences a bad beat, they'll often whinge to their opponent about how bad they played the hand. This is to give the appearance that they are a serious player and not someone to mess with. Also, by acting as the table teacher you are:

  • Giving other players information about how much you know about poker, this lets opponents adjust to your play style which can negatively impact your results.
  • Showing yourself in a bad light, rudeness is never a good look.

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  • Top three tips about what you definitely should NOT do when playing at a live poker table.

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