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888poker Pro Sofia Lövgren Gives You Her Online Day 2 Tournament Tips

Get ready for the Superstorm Main Event Day 2 on 888poker with these top tips from Sponsored Pro Sofia Lovgren

If you've put in the hours and effort to make it to Day 2 in an online poker tournament then you need to be at your absolute best.

Day 2 is where it all happens. The bubble, the final table, and eventually you lifting the trophy - hopefully!

So with the 888poker Millions Superstorm Main Event Day 2 taking place this weekend, we sat down with 888poker's Sofia Lövgren who gave us her top tips for preparing and playing in a Day 2.

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Preparation is Key

Lövgren is no stranger to poker tournament success and says that getting the body ready for Day 2 is her first tip.

"When I make a Day 2, first of all, I make sure to get a good night’s rest and sleep well. I know it’s tempting to take a drink in the last level of the day or go for a late-night dinner with buddies, but it’s much smarter to hold the wine and beer until after the event. You will thank yourself afterwards when celebrating the deep run!"

On the day of the tournament, the shift changes to ensuring you have enough energy for the day ahead. It might not be as demanding as physical exercise, but you need fuel for your body during the grind.

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Lövgren says she usually starts the day with a breakfast full of energy, as well as drinking lots of water.

"Eating oatmeal or an omelette is a perfect way to get loads of energy for a long day of poker. This kind of food also will give you a feeling of fullness and keep you energized for many hours."

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Bad Habits

As well as keeping an eye on what you should be doing, you should always be mindful of bad habits creeping into your preparation, one of which is to be late in the morning.

"You don’t want to start playing after having to rush," says Lövgren. "That leaves you feeling stressed, and sitting down at the table sweating."

It doesn't matter if it's live or online. Make sure that you are ready to play in good time, with no distractions before starting play.

"This will definitely give you a better mental balance the first hands and a better start of the day."

Staying Focused

As the tournament gets deeper on Day 2, you need to make sure you stay focused at all times. Lövgren says that she does through fruit, nuts, an energy drink and often some coffee.

"Sitting down long hours will make the body very stiff so I also always use the breaks to reload by stretching and taking a quick walk. I also refuel with fruit and water."

Poker Strategy

Just because you've made Day 2 doesn't mean the strategy is over and you can coast to the final table. Make sure you stay on top of the table draw as you move around, noting the stack sizes and positions of the players at your table.

Once you have a better idea of what players you will face at your table are like, Lövgren says you will be able to take advantage of this by targeting the weaker players and play more pots with them. You also know which players to watch out for more.

"You can of course get lucky and win without any preparation whatsoever but in the long run being prepared is always an important component. As my teammate Martin Jacobson said after winning WSOP Main Event: “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”"

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  • Get ready for the Superstorm Main Event Day 2 on 888poker with these top tips from Sofia Lövgren

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