SCOOP 2020 Day 6: Former Main Event Champ Shakerchi Wins Fourth Title

SCOOP 2020 Day 6: Former Main Event Champ Shakerchi Wins Fourth Title

The 2020 Spring Championship Of Online Poker (SCOOP) continued at PokerStars on May 4th and what an incredible day of poker action it was. Some of the world’s biggest names took to the virtual felt to seek fame and fortune. A handful of them managed to achieve both goals, some under the watchful eye of the PokerNews Live Reporting team.

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Live-Reported Events

Carrel Leads SCOOP Event-24-H: $10,300 NLHE High Roller

Charlie Carrel

The money bubble has burst to determine the 15 finalists in Event SCOOP Event-24-H: $10,300 NLHE High Roller. They are all guaranteed a portion of the $1,240,000 prize pool after beating the majority of the 124-entry strong field and have $22,662.11 locked up for the efforts.

Two-time SCOOP champion Charlie "Epiphany77" Carrel will lead the charge for the top prize of $271,790.44 with a stack of 5,630,571 when the action resumes the following day at 1 p.m. Eastern Standard time and the Brit was also responsible for the money bubble to burst. However, especially early on, things didn't look as good as Carrel was on the verge of re-entry but managed to spin up a shorter stack before turning on the heat in the late stages.

Second in chips is Russian player "Futti18" with 4,727,954 and third-placed Adrian "Amadi_017" Mateos (3,191,654) also already has a SCOOP title under his belt. The remaining field is not shy of big names and High Roller regulars either. Wiktor "limitless" Malinowski sits in fourth with 2,777,856 followed by Luke "Bit2Easy" Reeves (2,505,299), Mustapha "lasagnaaammm" Kanit advanced with 1,816,852 and seeks a third SCOOP title.

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Mike "goleafsgoeh" Leah Lead SCOOP-24-M: $1,050 Super Tuesday SE

Mike Leah

After Day 1 of the PokerStars 2020 SCOOP-24-M: $1,050 Super Tuesday SE 72 players out of 1,105 entries have made it through to the final day. The tournament originally had a guaranteed prize pool of $1,000,000 but earlier today PokerStars announced that they would increase the guarantee of several tournaments to total $95,000,000 over the whole series. And the Super Tuesday was one of them as the guarantee was increased to a whopping $1,250,000.

Taking the chip lead honors for Day 1 is a familiar name and face in the poker world: Mike "goleafsgoeh" Leah has collected 4,933,992 in chips for Day 2. The Canadian has won millions of dollars playing poker live and online already and probably won't mind another title to his already lengthy resumé with two SCOOP wins in 2019 and four in total over the years. Leah is followed in the chip counts by "Neanderthal4" (3,709,616), "sangnv" (3,551,245), Ariel "ArielBahia" Celestino (3,246,246), and "olle1FIN" with 3,200,727.

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Day 6 Results

SCOOP 20-H: $530 NLHE 6-Max, Progressive KO

One of the bigger payouts on Day 6 was Owain "Sngwonder" Carey's $150,044 score in SCOOP 20-H: $530 NLHE 6-Max, Progressive KO. He defeated "DEX888" from Germany heads-up, topping a 2,605-player field.

That generated a prize pool of over $1.3m, making it one of the biggest of the festival so far.

Other notables in the money included Juan "Malaka$tyle" Pardo, Christian "eisenhower1" Jeppsson, Vicente "vicenfish" Delgado, Patrick "pads1161" Leonard and Gary "quiditbear" Hasson.

PlacePlayerCountryBounty PrizeCash PrizeTotal Prize
1Owain "Sngwonder" CareyUnited Kingdom$69,292$80,752$150,044
4FRCnnctn1960United Kingdom$24,310$32,198$56,508

SCOOP 22-H: $1,050 NLHE

Manuel Ruivo

A final table of notables including Alexandru "steakaddict." Papazian and Rens "Rens02" Feenstra was eventually won by Manuel "fellatiado" Ruivo for over $70,000. He defeated "wisopekeno" heads-up.

A field of 403 players generated a prize pool of $403,000, with Luke "Bit2Easy" Reeves and Event #15-H $2,100 NLHE champion Leqenden also in the money.

1Manuel "fellatiado" RuivoNetherlands$73,415
2wisopekenoUnited Kingdom$55,070
3MarToMchatUnited Kingdom$41,309
4Alexandru "steakaddict." PapazianRomania$30,987
6Rens "Rens02" FeenstraNetherlands$17,436
89cream4United Kingdom$9,811

SCOOP 25-H: $2,100 FL 2-7 Triple Draw

Talal Shakerchi

Talal "raidalot" Shakerchi is now the proud owner of a fourth SCOOP title after winning SCOOP 25-H: $2,100 FL 2-7 Triple Draw. He defeated a stacked final table of mixed game talent that included Elior "Crazy Elior" Sion and Matthew "MUSTAFABET" Ashton before defeating Joao "Naza114" Vieira heads-up to win $42,646.

Just nine players were in the money, with other mixed game players Mike "goleafsgoeh" Leah, Jussi "calvin7v" Nevanlinna and Mike "SirWatts" Watson missing out on the money.

1Talal "raidalot" ShakerchiUnited Kingdom$42,646
2Joao "Naza114" VieiraNetherlands$31,878
3Elior "Crazy Elior" SionUnited Kingdom$23,830
4Matthew "MUSTAFABET" AshtonUnited Kingdom$17,813
6Ib6121United Kingdom$9,954

Shakerchi's SCOOP Titles

YearEventPlayersPrize PoolPayout
2012$215 NLHE5,516$1,103,200$172,576
2014$1,050+R NLHE [Big Antes]317$827,000$169,122
2016$10,300Main Event$8,000,002$1,468,001
2020$1,050 FL 2-7 Triple Draw$158,000$42,646 

SCOOP 27-M: $55 NLHE 8-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO

Christian Rudolph

There was a victory for Christian "WATnlos" Rudolph in SCOOP 27-M: $55 NLHE 8-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO for combined cash and bounty prizes of over $40,000.

This is Rudolph's first SCOOP title to go with a Sunday Million win on a very long online poker resume.

PlacePlayerCountryBounty PrizeCash PrizeTotal Prize
1Christian "WATnlos" RudolphAustria$13,445$27,194$40,639

Other Day 6 Results

SCOOP 20-L: $5,50 NLHE 6-Max, Progressive KO

Prize Pool$198,151
Winnerb0nk3ym0y12 (Denmark)
First place prize$6,971

SCOOP 20-M: $55 NLHE 6-Max, Progressive KO

Prize Pool$895,550
Winnerplens (Netherlands)
First place prize$39,950

SCOOP 21-L: $5.50 NLO8 8-Max

Prize Pool$33,575
Winnerwarwicktom (United Kingdom)
First place prize$4,775

SCOOP 21-M: $55 NLO8 8-Max

Prize Pool$99,850
WinnerZadavljugada (Russia)
First place prize$12,935

SCOOP 21-H: $1,050 NLO8 8-Max

Prize Pool$164,500
Winnerteruliro (Brazil)
First place prize$27,075

SCOOP-22-L: $11 NLHE

Prize Pool$127,880
Winnerexmenidi (Greece)
First place prize$13,321

SCOOP-22-M: $109 NLHE

Prize Pool$368,900
WinnerConsi11 (Ireland)
First place prize$46,227

SCOOP 23-L: $5.50 5-Card PLO 6-Max, Progressive KO

Prize Pool$62,798
Winnerno ase1815 (United Kingdom)
First place prize$2,480* (three-handed deal) + bounties

SCOOP 23-M: $55 5-Card PLO 6-Max, Progressive KO

Prize Pool$186,900
Winneradmiralph (Belgium)
First place prize$11,025 + bounties

SCOOP 23-H: $530 5-Card PLO 6-Max, Progressive KO

Prize Pool$320,500
Winnerantero69 (Finland)
First place prize$20,379 + bounties

SCOOP 25-L: $22 FL 2-7 Triple Draw

Prize Pool$40,060
WinnerVovan7778 (Russia)
First place prize$5,989

SCOOP 25-M: $215 FL 2-7 Triple Draw

Prize Pool$85,000
WinnerZapahzamazki (Russia)
First place prize$15,218

SCOOP 27-L: $5.50 NLHE 8-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO

Prize Pool$109,789
Winnermegamaster11 (Ukraine)
First place prize$4,745

SCOOP 27-H: $530 NLHE 8-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO

Prize Pool$631,500
Winnerluckyman147 (Poland)
First place prize$42,526

In-Play Events

SCOOP 24-L: $109 NLHE 8-Max, Mini Super Tuesday SE

Prize Pool$657,700
Players left/Players226/6,577
Chip leaderYamashita17 (Brazil)
First place prize$93,454

SCOOP 26-L: $22 NLHE 6-Max

Prize Pool$213,220
Players left/Players307/10,661
Chip leaderDon Raffaell (Brazil)
First place prize$28,080

SCOOP 26-M: $215 NLHE 6-Max

Prize Pool$414,200
Players left/Players202/2,071
Chip leaderdanieldl7 (Brazil)
First place prize$61,798

SCOOP 26-H: $2,100 NLHE 6-Max

Prize Pool$620,000
Players left/Players41/310
Chip leaderOle "wizowizo" Schemion
First place prize$116,117

PokerStars SCOOP Wednesday 6th May Schedule

There's plenty of action on the PokerStars client today with the Midweek Freeze having almost $1.5 million in guarantees alone. Why not check out the PLO 6-Max or this evening's PKO tournaments?

Time (GMT)Time (EDT)Buy-inNameGuarantee
16:0512:05$1,050SCOOP 28-H Stud Hi/Lo$80,000
16:0512:05$11SCOOP 28-L Stud Hi/Lo$15,000
16:0512:05$109SCOOP 28-M Stud Hi/Lo$40,000
17:0013:00$5,200SCOOP 29-H NLHE 8-Max, Midweek Freeze$750,000
17:0013:00$55SCOOP 29-L NLHE 8-Max, Midweek Freeze$275,000
17:0013:00$530SCOOP 29-M NLHE 8-Max, Midweek Freeze$400,000
18:1514:15$530+RSCOOP 30-H PLO 6-Max$300,000
18:1514:15$5.50+RSCOOP 30-L PLO 6-Max$35,000
18:1514:15$55+RSCOOP 30-M PLO 6-Max$125,000
19:3015:30$1,050SCOOP 31-H NLHE Progressive KO$400,000
19:3015:30$11SCOOP 31-L NLHE Progressive KO$50,000
19:3015:30$109SCOOP 31-M NLHE Progressive KO$250,000
  • Former Main Event Champ Shakerchi Wins Fourth Title

  • There were also titles for Manuel Ruivo, Christian Rudolph and Owain Carey

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