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The Weekly PokerNews Strategy Quiz: Is Being Superstitious Unlucky?

07-18-2015 69236 responses Top results

Welcome to a new feature here in the PokerNews Strategy section — “The Weekly PokerNews Strategy Quiz.” Each Saturday we’ll be sharing a new quiz that, besides providing a chance for some interaction (and perhaps a little entertainment), will aim to serve at least a couple of primary purposes.

The first and most important purpose goes along with everything else published here in PokerNews Strategy — namely, to help encourage you to think about your game and improve where needed in order to become a better player.

Secondly, since answers to all of the questions can be found in PokerNews Strategy articles from the previous week, the quiz might encourage you to go back and check out items you missed the first time around.

The following 10 questions all come from last week’s articles — you can find links to all of them by skimming through the Strategy section. Answering seven or more correctly earns you a "passing" grade, although as you go through the quiz you can decide whether that's too easy, too difficult, or just right.

The first question isn't actually about poker strategy, but rather covers a bit of trivia to help us ease into the quiz, but each of the others are. Ready? Go...

Question 1

This year both Pierre Neuville (aged 72) and Neil Blumenfield (aged 61) made it to the World Series of Poker Main Event final table. Both are older than any previous "November Nine" participants, countering a pattern covered in "The WSOP Main Event Comes of Age: Tracking the Trend Toward Youth." Over the previous decade (2005-2014), what was the age of the oldest player to make the ME final table?

Question 2

As explained in "Casino Poker for Beginners: The One Thing You Can't Talk About at the Table," which of the following statements is okay to make while a hand is in play?

Question 3

In "How Your Superstitious Beliefs Are Costing You Money," which of the following is highlighted as the most detrimental effect of being superstitious?

Question 4

In "From 27 to 9: How Might the New Payouts Affect Play on Day 7 of the WSOP Main Event?" which of the following issues potentially affecting Day 7 actually came into play?

Question 5

According to Evan Jarvis, which of the following statements about pot-limit Omaha hi-low (PLO8) is true?

Question 6

In split-pot or "hi-low" games, what is the difference between playing "cards speak" or "declare"?

Question 7

Why is it true that, as someone once advised Matthew Pitt, "if you’re only getting your chips in good, then you’re doing it all wrong."

Question 8

Which of the following does two-time Sunday Million winner Rob Tinnion recommend as a core tournament strategy he tends to follow?

Question 9

According to Alec Torelli in his latest "Hand of the Day" video, if losing a buy-in or taking a bad beat actually makes you want to quit poker, which of the following should you consider?

Question 10

Which of the following is not an example of an "action" word or phrase that might get you into trouble if used casually at the table?

What do you think?