$5,300 MPP Main Event

Korkmaz Picks Off Karmatckii

dsalituro • Level 31: Blinds 120,000-240,000, 240,000 ante
Koray Korkmaz

On the second hand of the final table, Arsenii Karmatckii raised from the button to 500,000 with {6-Hearts}{6-Clubs} and Koray Korkmaz defended his big blind with {q-Spades}{q-Hearts}.

The flop came {10-Clubs}{j-Clubs}{5-Spades} and Korkmaz checked over to Karmatckii, who bet another 360,000. Korkmaz called and the turn came the {k-Clubs}.

Karmatckii continued betting, firing out 1,200,000 and Korkmaz called once more to see the {5-Hearts} on the river. Korkmaz checked again and Karmatckii used a time bank before betting 4,000,000.

Korkmaz went through five time banks as he tanked for several minutes with his queens before calling and taking down the massive pot to take the chip lead.

Player Chips Progress
Koray Korkmaz tr
Koray Korkmaz
tr 20,900,000 6,180,000
Arsenii Karmatckii ru
Arsenii Karmatckii
ru 10,400,000 -6,210,000

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