Phil Ivey & 'The Shoe Surgeon' Talk Poker, NFT Sneaker Collaboration

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Phil Ivey, in collaboration with the world-class "Shoe Surgeon," launched an NFT sneaker at a Las Vegas house party Thursday night. PokerNews caught up with both talented individuals during the snazzy outing to discuss poker and the creation of what could become an iconic shoe.

Phil Ivey Talks Poker During NFT Launch Party

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Ivey, who hasn't appeared at the Rio during the 2021 World Series of Poker yet, also discussed a bit of poker with our Lara Neacy. The 10-time gold bracelet winner didn't rule out a return to the WSOP this fall.

"I've been playing (poker) a little bit during the World Series in some side games," Ivey said. "And I intend to play quite a bit the rest of the way."

When asked if he'll chase his 11th bracelet before the series wraps November 23, he answered, "I'm not sure about that. I'm going to make a decision whether or not to play the Main Event. I'm just not sure."

The Poker Hall of Famer was also asked about who he will be selecting with his 2021 Poker Hall of Fame vote, but he declined to answer. Current members of the HOF are eligible to vote on the 10 fan nominations, which includes some legendary players and industry personnel such as Isai Scheinberg, Matt Savage, Mike Matusow, and Michael Mizrachi.

Shoe G.O.A.T. Meets Poker G.O.A.T.

Dominic "Shoe Surgeon" Chambrone is a talented shoe designer who created the iconic LeBron James 30,000 points commemorative sneakers. The creator gifted the 24-karat gold shoes valued at over $100,000 to the NBA superstar.

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Ivey's shoes weren't quite as expensive, but the bidding began at $50,000. The auction took place during a party at a $4 million Las Vegas mansion, where PokerNews chatted with Chambrone about his connection to Phil Ivey.

"I met Phil through a mutual friend," Chambrone said. "It all comes down to the sneakers. He's the best at his craft, I'm the best at my craft, and we both came together to try something different. He loves sneakers, I love making sneakers. I love passionate people and whatever they're the best at."

Ivey's certainly one of the greatest, if not the greatest, poker players of all-time. Chambrone respects his business partner's ability to dominate on the felt. He also made it clear that he wasn't the only one putting in the effort toward the creation of the NFT sneaker.

"Oh my god, so much," the shoe creator said of Ivey's involvement in the project. "He was really involved. If you look at the details, the cards behind the tongue, they both are the actual hands played (in the NFT Moment)."

Ivey added: "I did. You know, I met the Shoe Surgeon a month ago, we put this together pretty quickly. I think it’s an awesome design and I’m excited to be wearing it."

"The Shoe Surgeon" doesn't play poker much but does have some interest in the game. He said he'd love to sit down with Ivey at a poker table and thinks he could hold his own.

PokerNews will be sure to inform you on the high bid as soon as the auction closes.

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