WSOP Online Pennsylvania & Michigan: Christopher Nunez & David Ferus Find Mystery Bounty Success


The 2023 World Series of Poker (WSOP) is hosting 20 online bracelets – up from 13 last year – awarded on in the merged network of New Jersey and Nevada.

While PokerNews is offering live updates from those tournaments, the segregated markets of Pennsylvania and Michigan are also each awarding seven bracelets.

While we’re not able to offer live updates from those tournaments, we will be bringing you recaps for all the bracelet winners from Wolverine and Keystone States.

Below is a look at the latest winners from Michigan and Pennsylvania.

DateStateTournamentPlayersRebuysTotal EntriesPrize PoolWinnerPrize
Sunday, June 4PAEvent #1: $500 NLH Bankroll Builder11043153$68,850Andrew “phillytaxguy” Kershaw$16,964.66
Sunday, June 4MIEvent #1: $500 NLH Bankroll Builder13246178$80,100Todd "Rooster_777" Estes$18,623.25
Sunday, June 11PAEvent #2: $400 NLH PKO 8-Max14886234$84,240Josh “Come83” Dempsey$20,100.21
Sunday, June 11MIEvent #2: $400 NLH PKO 8-Max15560215$77,400Morgan "Jammin4Jesus" Magee$17,446.76
Sunday, June 18PAEvent #3: $500 NLH Turbo 6-Max13758195$87,750Justin “yumdubz” Vaysman$20,401.93
Sunday, June 18MIEvent #3: $500 NLH Turbo 6-Max13855193$86,850Rudy "Flyheim86" Gavaldon$20,192.68
Sunday, June 25PAEvent #4: $500 Mystery Bounty12790217$138,150Christopher "WINPOTS247" Nunez$20,311
Sunday, June 25MIEvent #4: $500 Mystery Bounty13375208$127,350David "NoEndgame" Ferus$17,898

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Christopher Nunez Pennsylvania’s Latest Online Bracelet Winner


On Sunday, June 25, the fourth Pennsylvania online bracelet of the summer was awarded. Event #4: $500 Mystery Bounty attracted 127 players who rebought 90 times. The 217-entry field resulted in a $138,150 prize pool that was paid out to the top 36 finishers.

Among those to cash but fall short of the final table were Michael McNeil (10th - $2,260), Kyle “LetMeWin3437” Gross (18th - $6,013), Ilya Soyfer (21st - $1,004), Simon Levy (25th - $1,145) and Shawn Dullavin (27th - $995).

After nearly ten hours of play, it was Christopher "WINPOTS247" Nunez defeating Clinton "Cbranchen07" Branchen in heads-up play to win the tournament for $18,714 and his first online gold bracelet.

Last week's WSOP Online PA bracelet winner Justin "yumdubz" Vaysman also secured another good score and finished in fifth-place for $5,157. He also ended up with the biggest payout from the tournament as he collected $23,194 in Mystery Bounty prizes for a final payday of $28,351.

WSOP Online PA Event #4 Final Table Results

1Christopher "WINPOTS247" Nunez$18,714$1,597$20,311
2Clinton "Cbranchen07" Branchen$13,487$1,746$15,233
4Sridhar "sid1m" Natarajan$7,140$597$7,737
5Justin "yumdubz" Vaysman$5,157$23,194$28,351
6Kyle "BluffNTuff" Lorenz$3,764$597$4,361
7Michael "TonyBandanas" Lavin$2,741$5,597$8,338
8Travis "MrTasty" Horning$2,027$597$2,624
9Robert "didiflppdt" Sichelstiel$1,490$149$1,639

A Look at All the 2022 WSOP Online Michigan Bracelet Winners

David Ferus Wins Fourth MI Bracelet of the Summer


The Michigan edition of the Mystery Bounty WSOP Online event saw 133 players rebuy 75 times, which resulted in a 208-entry field that awarded its $127,350 prize pool to the top 36 finishers.

Following more than nine hours of play, it was David "NoEndgame" Ferus defeating Shivprasad "The3MonK" Nomula in heads-up play to win the tournament for $16,422 for his first online gold bracelet. It was also just his second cash under the WSOP umbrella.

Like in Pennsylvania, the big winner of the day was not the last player standing. "theeeburger" managed to ladder to fourth place for $6,265 but also found the $20,000 top mystery bounty prize. He racked up $21,270 in bounty pulls for $27,535 to be added to his bankroll.

WSOP Online Michigan Event #4 Final Table Results

1David "NoEndgame" Ferus$16,422$1,476$17,898
2Shivprasad "The3MonK" Nomula$11,835$1,476$13,311
3Corey "SortaRich" Barkach$8,648$159$8,807
5Ryan "Ivegotstylek" Redoutey$4,525$1,000$5,525
6Steven "Atlas Jumper" Hernandez$3,303$476$3,779
7Gurunagaraju "45Spades" Salla$2,406$317$2,723
8Dennis "Whitetrash93" Smith$1,779$476$2,255
9Philip "COLORofSPACE" Halladay$1,307$2,476$3,783

Remaining Michigan/Pennsylvania Schedule

Back in 2021, the WSOP offered gold online bracelet events in the segregated Pennsylvania market. In 2022, the WSOP expanded its online bracelet offering into Michigan with eight events.

In 2023, will offer seven online bracelets each in their segregated markets in Michigan and Pennsylvania. The events and schedule are the same in both markets.

Sunday, July 23:30 p.m. ESTEvent #5: $600 NLH Deepstack
Sunday, July 93:30 p.m. ESTEvent #6: $300 NLH
Sunday, July 163:30 p.m. ESTEvent #7: $500 NLH Summer Saver
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