Mike Postle Goes on Mike Matusow's 'The Mouthpiece' Podcast, Denies Cheating

On Friday, October 4, 2019, Mike Matusow hosted a new edition of his podcast 'The Mouthpiece' featuring alleged poker cheater Mike Postle. Matusow said he wasn't convinced after seeing some of the hands pointed out by the poker community with Joe Ingram and Doug Polk at the forefront. On October 5, 2019, the second part of the interview was released. You can listen to both parts in the embedded videos above.

"First of all, the number they gave of me winning $250,000. [...] That couldn't be further from the case."

Mike Postle comes into the podcast at 28:18 into the first part. In the second part, Postle comes on at 17:57. At the moment of publication, the two parts of the video have a combined 106 likes and 356 dislikes on YouTube.

Matusow said he had watched about three hours of footage before the podcast got underway. In the sometimes unhinged podcast, Matusow more than once calls the mainstream media 'fake news,' includes numerous references to Trump and the Russia investigation, and admits to being stoned.

"My head is so bashed in, I don't really know where to begin," Postle starts. "All I can say is that this started with a lot of hatred towards me for I guess the whole making me into some reality star on tv, except it was done in a live stream."

In the first part, Postle says the numbers that have been going around, are off. "First of all, the number they gave of me winning $250,000. I think that was a year's time. That couldn't be further from the case," Postle says, explaining how the chip stacks are off because play gets underway before the live stream starts, making for a lot of action.

Some minutes later, Postle says, "It's absolutely impossible for me to be doing what they're claiming. It's one thousand percent impossible..." though Postle seems to be more referring to winning $250,000 in the game over a year, and not about the cheating as much.

Matusow, often referring to those alleging Postle of cheating as 'the conspiracy people,' tells Postle he can sue people for millions of dollars for slander. Postle then says that he is innocent, 10,000 percent.

For some reason, Matusow opens the second podcast with 'Fuck the Joe Ingram fanboys!' Postle calls the investigating lazy in the second segment, and that he's working on a video showing that he's clearly human and not cheating in the game. In the closing of the second part, Matusow invites Postle to come on a future episode via Skype to show his innocence and clear his name with gathered proof.

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