PokerNews Podcast: Stones Scandal

Sarah Herring and [Removed:139] have no problem choosing what to lead off with in this episode of the PokerNews Podcast. They take a deep dive into the cheating scandal surrounding Mike Postle and Stones Live.

Joey Ingram's investigation videos set the stage for the discussion, as Sarah and Jeff go over multiple points of evidence against Postle.

Plus, the two chat about Flutter's merger with The Stars Group, and what that could mean for the future of PokerStars.

Then, Sarah brings on Ray from the "Confessions of a Market Maker" business podcast.

Sponsor: Run It Once Poker

0:20Intro: Diving right into the Stones Scandal surrounding Mike Postle
4:20Reviewing some suspicious hands Postle played on stream
10:30Thoughts from the poker community
15:20UPDATE (post-podcast taping): Stones Launches New Investigation
27:30Flutter Entertainment and The Stars Group Set For Merger
33:00A quick breakdown of the latest Dolly's Game episode on PokerGO!
33:50Sponsor: Run It Once Poker
35:00Ray from "Confessions of a Market Maker" joins the show!
1:02:20Michael Soyza Wins Online High Roller
1:03:50Next week: Nick Marchington (for real this time!)

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  • LISTEN: Sarah Herring & [Removed:139] recap multiple investigations into Mike Postle's Stones Live play

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