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Watch Whistleblower Veronica Brill on Joey Ingram's Podcast

On October 9, 2019, Veronica Brill (lead photo) was a guest on Joey Ingram's podcast. Brill, tweeting as Veronica 2.0 and using TwoPlusTwo under the username Angry_Polak, was the one to blow the whistle on Mike Postle, suggesting he may have been cheating in the Stones Live cash games.

In the hour and forty minutes long podcast, Brill shares how the experience has been from deciding to speak up to the ensuing criticism and support she has received. She also spoke at length about her beliefs regarding potential involvement by Stones' tournament director Justin Kuraitis, whom she once trusted.

In the show that often focused more on Kuraitis than Postle, Brill also shared that it was Kuraitis who operated both the @StonesGambling and @StonesLivePoker twitter accounts. When the story first broke, those accounts tweeted the initial denial and called the accusations fabricated.

Brill was surprised by several players who opted to not join in on the lawsuit that was filed. While Ingram commented that he had heard that some players had chosen to file their own suit instead of joining the class-action headed by Mac Verstandig, it still made Brill wonder. For more information on the lawsuit and those involved, see our dedicated article 'Mike Postle, Stones Parties Hit With $10M Lawsuit' and watch Mac Verstandig's interview with Jonathan Little.

Brill was generally calm and collected in the interview but did get fired up several times discussing the whole ordeal. She got especially angry recalling how it was Postle that convinced her to invite Kevin "Racks" Roster on the game. The latter lived his dying wish to play more poker while suffering from sarcoma, a rare and ultra-aggressive form of cancer that he was plagued with. At the end of July this year, Roster exercised his option to use medical aid in dying to end his suffering.

Brill has been praised by many for taking the risks involved in being the whistleblower in the case, including in an October 8th opinion piece on CardPlayer, where WSOP bracelet winner Gavin Griffin hailed Brill as a real local hero.

While she received plenty of praise as well in the podcast appearance, Ingram wondered why she participated in inviting Matt Berkey, Christian Soto, and Marle Cordeiro to play on the stream with Postle, when she already had her doubts about the latter. She explained why she kept her suspicions to herself when the high rollers rolled into town, but soon after decided it was time to speak up. You can watch the full interview above, or check out clips from the interview according to the following time stamps.

Time Stamps

Time stamps courtesy of Joey Ingram's YouTube channel. Links open in new window.

Time StampContent
(1:15)Shout-out to Joey’s October 9th appearance on The Ryen Russillo Podcast
(1:32)Mike Postle cheating allegations overview
(4:02)Veronica shares her experience leading up to and following the Mike Postle cheating allegations
(5:33)Veronica explains being ignored by Stones Live Poker administrator Justin Kuraitis
(6:27)Veronica credits Joey for treating her as a “peer” when considering her accusations
(7:19)Joey describes his preliminary investigation the night before his YouTube coverage began
(7:39)Veronica Brill’s final on-air thoughts on Mike Postle’s play on Stones Live Poker cast
(10:11)Veronica originally brought cheating allegations to Justin Kuraitis on March 21st
(10:56)Veronica describes Justin Kuraitis’ response to her concerns about Mike Postle
(13:01)Does anyone know the details of Stones’ original investigation into Mike Postle’s play?
(14:00)Reviewing Veronica’s YouTube video description of Stones Live Poker setup
(14:17)Was “Dream Poker Show” just a “front” to test live stream setup?
(15:47)How uncomfortable did Veronica feel about Mike Postle after her initial concerns were ignored?
(19:35)Veronica describes Justin Kuraitis’ vouching for Mike Postle as “pompous”
(20:50)Veronica explains why Justin Kuraitis might be involved
(21:30)Hindsight is 20/20, but commentators have reasonable commercial obligations
(22:40)Stones Live Poker was a “one man show” — a “Justin Kuraitis show”
(23:45)Summarizing Justin Kuraitis’ all-encompassing role in hypothetical Stone Live Poker cover-up
(24:37)Examining Mike Postle’s losing Stones Live Poker session on June 15th, 2019
(26:34)Veronica describes Justin Kuraitis’ actions to alleviate concerns about Mike Postle
(27:44)Joey argues Mike Postle GOAT defense in jest, but is quickly rejected
(28:06)Reviewing Tweets that Mike Postle submitted in response to public cheating accusations
(30:31)Did alleged culprit(s)’ lack of poker knowledge contribute to downfall?
(32:18)Confirmed? Poker Life Podcast fans have best poker skills?
(33:08)Veronica currently plays poker at Bay 101 Casino
(33:34)Will Stones Live Poker games return?
(34:15)Was Veronica in any way involved in the alleged Stones Live Poker scandal?
(35:15)Every poker fan who’s been following along feels “involved” at this point
(36:01)Did other Stones Live Poker players/commentators bring up Mike Postle concerns to Veronica?
(37:36)Veronica Brill discusses Tweets by Stones Live Poker colleague Kasey Mills
(38:20)Does Veronica suspect other accomplices besides Mike Postle and Justin Kuraitis?
(39:35)Joey shares his theory on how Mike Postle and conspirator(s)
(41:45)Joey fleshes-out “ass buzzer” hypothesis from previous stream
(42:47)Veronica believes unrelenting promotion of Mike Postle was a “sales tactic” that wore thin
(44:08)Class action lawsuit against discussion and suspicions that others knew but turned a “blind eye”
(46:52)Veronica’s suspicions of Mike Postle’s play was “analytical”
(48:05)Joey began his investigation (September 30th)
(49:10)More discussion of class action lawsuit
(49:50)Whether Justin Kuraitis was simply negligent or “in or it” may have no relevance in civil suit
(51:08)Similarities in security lapses between Stones Live Poker and Americas Cardroom
(52:21)Stones Live Poker scandal came as surprise to live poker players and fans
(53:45)Lack of professional poker player scrutiny may have enabled alleged cheating to continue
(54:29)Joey remains bewildered about Mike Postle’s run, shout-out to Christian Soto
(55:25)Did Stones Live Poker not want to truly promote the high stakes game?
(56:16)Veronica expresses disgust regarding Justin Kuraitis’ potential involvement
(59:05)Watch Joey’s podcast with Kevin Racks here
(1:01:24)Poker Life Podcast fans looking for change of face after binge-watching Joey this past week?”
(1:02:17)Joey gives credit to his girlfriend
(1:02:49)What are Veronica’s thoughts on mainstream coverage of Stones Live Poker scandal?
(1:04:44)Veronica says Justin Kuraitis was controlling Stones Live Poker Twitter account until recently
(1:06:41)No one anticipated groundswell of investigative support from TwoPlusTwo forums
(1:07:27)Veronica Brill remains upset over Justin Kuraitis’ potential involvement in alleged scheme
(1:08:22)Veronica is “shocked” at some players who have not joined class action lawsuit
(1:09:18)Praise of the TwoPlusTwo NVG “analytics” team
(1:09:44)Mike Postle has sparked a wide range of negative emotions from poker players and fans
(1:10:49)What’s next for Veronica Brill and poker?
(1:12:09)Veronica works in the tech industry currently, plays poker part time
(1:12:49)Poker Life Podcast shout-outs, need more screaming from Papi
(1:13:28)Poker live stream security is an urgent priority
(1:14:00)Veronica Brill talks about the importance of treating women as a “peer” in the poker world
(1:15:58)Joey explains why he got involved in diving into Mike Postle allegations
(1:17:16)Why weren’t Matt Berkey, Christian Soto, and Marle Cordeiro warned about possible cheating?
(1:21:02)Business as usual at Stones Gambling Hall? Ongoing internal investigation?
(1:21:46)Does Veronica Brill believe Justin Kelly (@fattrain) was involved?
(1:24:10)Matt Berkey says it’s rare for cheating allegations to arise from low-stakes casino games
(1:26:16)Joey has been inundated with messages since he began covering scandal, GUMPNSTEIN video
(1:27:14)Recalling initial RFID issues on Stones Live Poker
(1:28:33)Mike Postle “Heads-Up For Rolls” offers to doubters
(1:29:10)Veronica describes Mike Postle as a “narcissist” and “juvenile”
(1:29:56)Top 5 reasons why Mike Postle owns your poker soul
(1:31:14)Did Justin Kuraitis really claim that “GTO” (Game Theory Optimal)
(1:31:59)Has Mike Postle caused us all to “see the light?”
(1:32:46)Why diligently archiving this scandal is so important
(1:33:52)Joey Cochran courtroom analyst?
(1:34:40)Why did Mike Postle choose to do an interview with Mike “The Mouth” Matusow?
(1:35:48)A message to Mike Postle
(1:37:10)Follow Veronica Brill on social media
(1:38:33)Parting thoughts, reference to epic spreadsheet created by 2+2 member “Utopia”
(1:39:31)Outro, upcoming live streams and Poker Life Podcast episodes

Continue following PokerNews for the latest on the Mike Postle and StonesLive cheating scandal and court case as the story develops.

  • Veronica @angry_polak Brill joined the @Joeingram1 podcast to discuss at length the @Mike_Postle cheating allegations.

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