PokerNews Podcast: Jeff Boski on Postle Scandal

Another wild week in the scandal surrounding Mike Postle and Stones Gambling Hall and Sarah Herring and [Removed:139] are here with another PokerNews Podcast episode to break it all down. 

A lawsuit is filed for tens of millions of dollars in damages by 25 plaintiffs against Postle, Stones and other parties. Sarah and Jeff recap the civil suit plus discuss what the developer behind the graphics system being used had to say about everything going on. 

Then, Sarah chats with popular poker vlogger Jeff "Boski". What was it like to play with Postle on stream? He fills us in.

Plus, Sarah and Jeff recap a bit of drama going on with Johnnie "Vibes" and Jared Jaffee. And, the incredible success story that was WPT Australia, the PN Pod dives into the big numbers!

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0:20Intro: Sarah and Jeff dive into the lawsuit filed against Postle and Stones
10:20Graphics company reacts to scandal
27:00Jeff Boski joins the show!
30:00Locals warn Boski to stay away from Postle
33:20Boski breaks down Stones Live hand against Postle
44:40More on the lawsuit filed (with Mac VerStandig representing the plaintiffs)
57:00Discussion on RFID and potential cheating
1:03:00Adopt a Boxer
1:03:50Follow Jeff on Twitter
1:05:10Sponsor: Run It Once (Click link for special PN Pod rakeback deal)
1:07:30Drama surrounding Johnnie Vibes and Jared Jaffee
1:19:30Terrific turnout at WPT Australia
1:23:50Next week: Brad Wilson from Enhance Your Edge

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  • LISTEN: A lawsuit is filed against Stones Gambling Hall & Mike Postle. Find out what's at stake.

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