The Muck: Should Poker Community Ban Martin Kabrhel?

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Martin Kabrhel has been accused of cheating during a recent $250,000 buy-in World Series of Poker (WSOP) event, and now Chance Kornuth wants the Czech poker pro banned from the WSOP and all high roller tournaments.

In this edition of The Muck, we discuss Kornuth's take and the reaction. As for that take, here it is:

Kornuth Doesn't Hold Back

Kabrhel finished third for $2,279,038 in Event #40: $250,000 Super High Roller, an event won by Chris Brewer. But the biggest story coming out of that event was some cheating allegations.

Andrew Robl, who competed but failed to cash in the Super High Roller, tweeted out accusations against Kabrhel, suggesting the Czech poker pro marks cards. Dan Smith was among the high-profile players who back up those claims, and now Kornuth is taking it a step further.

"Martin Kabrhel should 100% be banned," Kornuth wrote at the start of his lengthy rant.

Kornuth would go on to say that "even if he's not cheating," his behavior at the poker table is worthy of harsh actions.

The whole situation was recently debated on the seventh episode of The Chad & Jesse Poker Show:

Does the Poker Community Agree?

It seems as if everyone within the poker Twittersphere has a take on the Kabrhel cheating allegations, but not all of them side with Kornuth, Smith, and Robl. Many actually believe he's innocent, or at least aren't convinced just yet that he cheated. Take, for example, Doug Polk who said he wonders if Kabrhel would be so careless that he'd mark cards during a live-streamed event.

The WSOP has conducted and investigation into Kabrhel, and has yet to uncover any concrete evidence of cheating. But there are still many within the poker community who aren't buying it.

"Fwiw, I went back and forth about playing the $250k for the outside chance at a laugh if I won. Glad I didn’t," Alan Keating tweeted.

Chance Kornuth wsop poker
Chance Kornuth

"Couldn't have said it any better - Cheating is one thing, making it look like your cheating isn't remotely funny, nor should it be tolerated in any industry. He for sure crossed the line," Andreas Froehli said in response to Kornuth's tweet.

"Well said," Tony Dunst wrote in support of Kornuth.

There were, however, a number of poker players who took an opposing stance. The common theme among that crowd was that the allegations against Kabrhel was, more or less, a group of poker players trying to ban someone they simply just don't like.

"This is a great example of Twitter mob logic. They don’t like him. They can’t see through any other lens. The scientific method goes out the window and every measurement is only their bias," @hoewithacamera argues.

"Terrible take. If he didn't cheat, let him play. He's great for television. Put in your headphones if you can't handle it or figure out your own banter.," @AAACK_its_Lemmy wrote.

The only thing we know for sure is that everyone seems to have an opinion on Kabrhel one way or the other. But there is no definitive proof at this point that he cheated, only questionable behavior.

  • Poker pro @ChancesCards has called for a ban on Martin Kabrhel.

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