Brutal River! Aces, Queens, & Jacks All In Preflop in WSOP Main Event

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There have been a number of memorable hands during this year's World Series of Poker Main Event. You can add a three-way all in cooler that ended in a bad beat during Tuesday's Day 6 action to the list.

With 86 players out of the original 8,663 left in poker's world championship event, and the blinds at 50,000/100,000, three players picked up premium pocket pairs. Two of those players were nursing stacks of around the 20-big blind mark and were looking for a big hand to double up to have an opportunity to make a run at the final table.

Three-Way Action Pot

In a hand at the PokerGO feature table, Haim Or Krief raised it up to 220,000 from an early position with QQ before Gabriel Cruz three-bet to 540,000 with AA. With action then on Stanley Lee, who looked down at JJ, moved in for 1,840,000. Cruz then came along for just a tad bit more, as did the pocket aces.

The flop of 587 was mostly harmless, but the 10 made things interesting as Or Krief had picked up some extra outs with the flush draw. And then he hit that flush on the A river. Lee was eliminated in 86th place ($86,000) and Cruz took 85th place ($86,000). Or Krief had his stack bumped up to nearly 10 million chips, putting him among the chip leaders midway through Day 6.

The 2022 WSOP Main Event has provided some epic hands, none more so than a bluff PokerStars ambassador Alejandro Lococo, aka Argentinian freestyle rapper Papo MC, pulled off late on Day 5. And we couldn't possibly forget the failed bluff on Day 4 that sent Mike Matusow home in a disappointing fashion.

At the time of publishing, less than 80 players remained in the 2022 WSOP Main Event, all still in the hunt for the $10 million first place prize. There will be a new champion after last year's winner Koray Aldemir was eliminated in 75th place ($101,700), one of the greatest feats in Main Event history.

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