Hold’em with Holloway, Vol. 69: Is Your Favorite Poker Pro Left- or Right-Handed?

Hold’em with Holloway, Vol. 69: Is Your Favorite Poker Pro Left- or Right-Handed?

Be forewarned, this week’s Hold’em with Holloway has nothing to do with poker strategy. Instead, I’m using the column to share some completely meaningless information with you regarding some of your favorite poker players.

Over the course of my six years live reporting for PokerNews, I would occasionally take note of which poker pros were left-handed versus right-handed. I’d simply turn over my notepad and jot their name down in one of two columns as they bagged and tagged their chips at the end of the night.

Part boredom, part curiosity led to this lengthy list, which I thought I’d share with you today. As you’ll see, there were many more righties than lefties, though arguably the world’s most popular poker pro, Daniel Negreanu, was in the latter category.

Who knows, maybe one day there will be some sort of scientific correlation between being a successful poker player and one’s dominant hand? In the meantime, enjoy the novelty of my lists. Oh, for the record, the lists don’t take into account any of the players being ambidextrous.

Left-Handed Poker Players

Paul VolpeMukul PahujaMike McDonaldPoker reporters Frank op de Woerd & Benjo DiMeoAnton Astapau 
Theo JorgensenNam LeDaniel NegreanuJoe CadaConnor Drinan 

Right-Handed Poker Players

Phil IveySylvain LoosliJoao VieiraLiv Boeree[Removed:17]
Vanessa SelbstLiviu IgnatJean-Robert BellandeJonathan DuhamelAndy Bloch
Brandon Shack-HarrisAnthony ZinnoJeremy AusmusJason MercierMike Sexton
Jon TurnerSorel MizziJustin "BoostedJ" SmithTed ForrestAndrew Chen
Maria HoDaniel DvoressAdrian MateosIke HaxtonThomas Muehloecker
Christoph VogelsangBen HeathDavidi KitaiBrian YoonDietrich Fast
Christopher BrammerLuca MoschittaKitty KuoJorma NuutinenMatthias De Meulder
Igor KurganovJean-Noel ThorelTimothy AdamsCharlie CarrelIaron Lightbourne
Ole SchemionKonstantin PuchkovDavid PetersJani SointulaVladimir Troyanovskiy
Julian TrackRemko RinkemaIvan DemidovNicholas PalmaJohn Juanda
Kevin MacPheeAri EngelDominik NitscheAlen BilicDaniel Cates
Bryn KenneyAnkush MandaviaKathy LehneDani SternChris Hunichen
Elliott SmithOlivier BusquetKenny SmaronRocco PalumboOle Schemion
Michael TelkerLuc GreenwoodFaraz JakaNick YunisSam Stein
Dario SammatinoJC AlvaradoEugene KatchalovJason LesRainer Kempe
Jason KoonOliver PriceBen TollereneAlex LynskeyChance Kornuth
Byron KavermanSam GreenwoodDaniel NeilsonBrian RobertsNiall Farrell
Mustapha KanitBenny SpindlerErik SeidelMichael EganSteve O'Dwyer
Michael EganYaxi ZhuBrian RastChad Holloway 

*Lead photo courtesy whyarepeoplelefthanded.com.

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  • In a new Hold'em w/ Holloway, @ChadAHolloway reveals which poker pros are left/right-handed.

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